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Heroleads Announces Partnership with Transcosmos Inc.

Heroleads (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Thailand leading data-driven performance marketing company, announces a strategic alliance with Transcosmos Inc., one of the largest global digital transformation companies from Japan.

Heroleads specialises in developing Ad-Tech software solutions to scale digital marketing operations across platforms and to improve performance with people-based data targeting solutions. The company offers performance-based digital advertisements, the creation of digital creative assets, data analytics & tracking solutions and platform-based influencer marketing to a wide variety of client sectors in Thailand.

Transcosmos, which has been active in the Thai market since 2004, offers multiple services to Thai companies with the focus on contact centers, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and digital marketing. Through the partnership with Heroleads, transcosmos intends to enhance its digital marketing business in the ASEAN market by offering a holistic suite of digital services. These services will include CRM, contact centers, chatbots, LINE, Messenger and e-commerce solutions. In addition to this, Transcosmos aims to secure the leading marketing position in the region and generate business synergies with Heroleads by offering Heroleads’ solutions in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia.

After the strategic investment by Transcomos in 2018, Heroleads is now launching “Herovision” — a new end-to-end marketing solution which will combine online analytics and lead management. This digital marketing management platform will enable clients to optimize online and offline sales and overcome the major obstacle in digital business — the complexity of multichannel performance tracking programs, which hinders marketers from effectively managing customer databases and closing sales. “HeroVision” will uniquely position Heroleads to push the boundaries of digital marketing by delivering complete one-stop service omnichannel solutions for clients, whether these are large corporations, medium-sized businesses or small entrepreneurs.

“For Transcosmos, the ASEAN region is becoming a more and more important destination, where economic growth outpaces the rest of world and digitalization is rapidly progressing. Under such circumstances, the strategic partnership with Heroleads certainly gives us strong support to offer more valuable digital-oriented solutions to our clients in this region,” said Takashi Sube, Transcosmos corporate senior officer responsible for ASEAN regional business. “We see a lot of growth potential in Heroleads — they have a proven track record of building their clients’ digital business and awards from strong partners such as Google and Facebook”.

“Our mission is to empower business growth employing a data-driven and technology-enabled approach,” said Carlo Herold, Founder and CEO at Heroleads. “Our ambition is to put Thailand’s business at the forefront of the global digitalization. The country is currently ranked second after Indonesia as the biggest digital economy in the region, and e-commerce is rising, hitting 3 billion dollars in sales last year. Within next 2-5 years Big Data, innovative technology and automation would become an essential part of business in Thailand, and the partnership with Transcosmos will enable us to lead the digital transformation.”

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