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Hilton Pattaya Participates in Hilton’s Largest Annual Global Career Initiative

As part of a global effort to provide opportunity for young people, Hilton Pattaya is an annual accommodating of Career@Hilton event to allow to learn and know more about all the different possibilities approachable in the hospitality industry. The activity is part of Careers@Hilton, Hilton’s annual global career event showcasing the many opportunities available in the hospitality industry for young job seekers.

On May 14th, Hilton Pattaya hosted an event that welcomed a class of forty five students and teachers from Faculty of Management and Tourism, Burapha University in Chonburi to showcase the whole opportunities within easy reach in the hospitality industry. Throughout the day, the students were separated in six groups in order to participate various enjoyable activities offered by the expertise team member of Hilton Pattaya.

The students were enjoyed wine serving and making a mocktail with the help from restaurant team, how to set up a suite room and folding a towel in animal shapes with Housekeeping team, a checking-in roll play with Front Office team, handling telephone calls by MAGIC (Managing All Guests Incoming Call), hotel tour to the system control room with Engineering team and cooking their own lunch with Kitchen team. Thereafter, this was followed by a Q&A session about Hilton Pattaya and amusing games.

Careers@Hilton events are a unique opportunity for Hilton to inspire job seekers about careers in the hospitality industry, and to support them by providing guidance on the skills that are vital to succeed in the workplace and beyond. Participants join Hilton for events ranging from resume clinics to networking, as well as presentations from current employees about their career paths in hospitality.

This initiative is a part of Hilton’s Open Doors commitment, which aims to positively impact at least one million young people by 2019 by connecting them to opportunities in the hospitality industry, preparing or employing them. Hilton is on track to reach this target this year, coinciding with Hilton’s 100th anniversary.

For more information about Hilton’s Youth commitments, please visit http://news.hiltonworldwide.com/index.cfm/misc/youth. For information on job opportunities with Hilton, visit http://jobs.hilton.com/.

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