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Hmlet Lays the Blueprint for Its Employer Branding

Hmlet, Asia’s leading flexible living company based in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, continues to reinforce its position as the employer of choice by adopting a holistic approach towards talent development and retention.

Hmlet’s success as the pioneer of co-living solutions in Asia Pacific is anchored on its distinct corporate culture and strong employer branding to support its vision of building empowered communities, where people live their best lives. The identity of Hmlet’s impressive human capital is known as Hmleteers, a vital asset for the company’s rapid expansion in 2023, especially since its merger in April 2022 with European co-living player, Habyt.

Despite the evolving lodging landscape and global manpower challenges, Hmlet remains steadfast in its commitment to providing a nurturing environment and career advancement for Hmleteers. From collaborative projects at work to flexible learning opportunities to hone their skills, Hmleteers are empowered to scale the learning curve and participate in assignments aligned to their interests.

“We are operating in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry.  Hmlet’s appeal lies in our mission to change the way people live and work, by offering them the freedom and inspiration to lead purposeful and meaningful lives – both for our Members and Hmleteers. We recognise the value of increased employee engagement and our long-term success is dependent on our Hmleteers,” said Hmlet’s CEO, Giselle Makarachvili. “Our goal to remain as the employer of choice is not taken lightly as we endeavour to adopt new working concepts and benefits that engage and support our Hmleteers, secure their safety and wellbeing, and equip them for personal career advancement.”

Company Culture

Hmleteers embrace the company’s core values to ‘Be True’ and ‘Be People First’ by respecting each other’s differences and being inclusive regardless of diverse backgrounds, age or gender.  Openness and transparency of thoughts, ideas and opinions are strongly encouraged to build and sustain deep genuine connections within the community. The result is a member-centric and positive work experience that allows each Hmleteer to achieve his or her full potential, encourage high performance and promote an innovative corporate culture.

Effective programs to promote workplace well-being and Hmleteer’s professional development are introduced regularly. Monthly cross-department team building events including Lunch Cook-Offs, kayaking in the Kallang River, board game nights, art jamming sessions and introduction to bouldering for adrenaline seekers are held to foster the community spirit. To encourage interactions between employees and Hmlet residents, Hmlet Unite events such as rooftop barbecues and cycling sessions around Marina Bay Sands are regularly organised. This provides an additional networking platform and lets Hmleteers assess areas of improvement for residents.

Other events such as lunch cook-offs, kayaking along the Kallang River, board game nights, art jamming sessions and introduction to bouldering, are also held to foster the community spirit and provide a networking platform. These bonding sessions also double up as mental health check sessions for team members and colleagues from other departments to empathise and grow with each other.

“To encourage work-life balance and flexibility, we have a hybrid arrangement when it comes to working from home and in the office. Our members also have flexibility to work from anywhere in the world for up to two weeks annually,” said Hmleteer, Dinesh Jaswani, Growth Marketing Analyst. 

Retaining and Attracting Hmleteers

Hmlet recognises the need for its talents to engage in meaningful work aligned to their personal career aspirations. Opportunities for innovation and growth in their chosen specialisations are provided along with Hmlet’s mentorship system that allows teams to check in with their managers and refine creative ideas. In addition to various team events and networking opportunities, the company also conducts employee spotlight and team achievement highlights during its Town Halls, in celebration of individual and group milestones.

“Regardless of our job levels, Hmleteers are encouraged to share thoughts and ideas during weekly team meetings and monthly Town Halls,” said Hmleteer, N. Halmi, regional IT and Account Manager.  “This makes Hmlet a prime starting point for inquisitive individuals embarking on their career journeys and seeking rewarding experiences.”

To nurture and imbue young Hmleteers with its brand identity, Hmlet organises Welcome Drinks sessions and property tours across its local properties for new joiners to interact with current members and understand Hmlet products in a physical manner. Keeping to its core value of ‘Be People First,’ Corporate Social Responsibility activities are organised at every quarter to encourage Hmleteers to give back to the community.

Since 2016, Hmlet’s Asia Pacific workforce has grown significantly in size, diversity and skill. At present, the company’s talent base consists of over 15 nationalities across its three offices, with their eldest employee at 73 years of age.

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