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HOMA’s 2nd Phuket Site: Community, Tech & Eco-Focus!

HOMA, a pioneering housing company that offers affordable environmentally-friendly rental apartmentsis opening its second Phuket property in the popular Cherngtalay area following the success of HOMA Phuket Town.

Offering a redefined rental experience, HOMA’s focus on community, affordability, sustainability, and technology is designed to meet changing housing needs in today’s market where flexibility, mobility and experiences are valued highly. HOMA properties allow residents to find good quality housing with a range of on-site services and activities for short- and long-term rent at an affordable price.

Each HOMA property features high quality accommodation and amenities in a fully- serviced home, free access to gym facilities and co-working space, regular community activities including yoga and fitness classes, all connected through the HOMA mobile guest app which is used to communicate to guests and broadcast the latest news and announcements of what’s happening in HOMAs.

“The growth of the sharing economy has seen consumer’s preference for renting grow, and this aligns with increased desire to live in connected communities, more flexible living conditions and being more sustainable. At HOMA our purpose-designed properties put these principles at the heart of our living space believing residents can get the privacy they need while also making it easy to access the community when they want. Our Phuket Town property has thrived in an area not immediately recognized as a property hot-spot on Phuket. With occupancy averaging at 87%, we are very excited about the upcoming launch of HOMA Cherngtalay and other potential opportunities in 2024,” said Luca Dotti, founder and Managing Director of HOMA.

The HOMA philosophy is built on four key principles: community, affordability, sustainability, and technology. Each connects to create a holistic living environment that HOMA believes improves health and wellness.


Typical apartment services and amenities are included when renting at HOMA, meaning residents have no extra expense for essentials. This includes weekly housekeeping, high-speed Wi-Fi and drinking water. Additional premiums, such as gym membership and access to HOMA’s co-working space are also included. In addition, each fully-furnished apartment comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, premium cotton bedsheets and towels, and everything residents need from the day they move in.

All of these costs are included in the rental fee, meaning residents save money as well as time, as they no longer need to set new agreements up with separate service providers.


With an on-site gym, games room, swimming pool and meeting spaces HOMA is able to host a regular schedule of community activities for residents, from weekly yoga classes and pet meet-ups to special workshops and social gatherings. Although HOMA initiates many of the classes and events, residents are also encouraged to start their own interest groups.

HOMA also interacts with the local community to promote local businesses and celebrate artists from the neighbourhood around each property. This engagement has been beneficial in helping residents foster a deeper sense of well-being and an enhanced community connection.


HOMA properties feature solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, advanced air quality monitoring, and efficient air conditioning, meeting the expectations of today’s residents. New builds, such as HOMA Phuket Town and HOMA Cherngtalay, use sustainable materials and design principles to minimize environmental impact while enhancing residents’ well-being, creating eco-friendly living spaces.

As well as respecting the environment, this approach also makes business sense, helping HOMA reduce its carbon footprint as well as resulting in cost savings.


HOMA has introduced the HOMA Mobile Guest App to help people maximise their rental experience. Using the app, residents can book spaces in the coworking centre, find a free fitness class that matches their availability, order in-room dining or simply stay up-to-date with what’s happening at the property. The app also suggests local business and HOMA partners for services such as healthcare and provides tailored solutions for visa renewal for overseas residents.

“In addition to our all-inclusive business model our ability to cater to short- and long-term stays has helped us attract guests. Our hassle-free rental experience attracts long-term residents who don’t want the worry of being limited to a home they buy or an inflexible contract, while short-term residents like the immediate access to a vibrant community, complete with all the essential amenities and facilities they need at hand,” added Dotti.

The early-2024 launch of HOMA Cherngtalay adds 423 units it its portfolio. These includes studio rooms, 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom flats, and 3-bedroom suites, ideal for solo stays, couples, and families. This expansion complements the existing 505 units at HOMA Phuket Town and 100 units at HOMA Sri Racha. A third Phuket property, HOMA Chalong Bay, is planned to open in 2025.

Luca Dotti founder and Managing Director of HOMA

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