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Hong Kong’s Most Celebrated Specialty Coffee Brand ‘The Coffee Academïcs’ Debuts Bangkok Flagship

‘The Coffee Academïcs,’ a specialty coffee retail chain and roastery founded in Hong Kong, opened its first Bangkok flagship in Soi Langsuan at the Velaa @Sindhorn Village, Bangkok’s newest luxurious mixed-use development. The coffee chain, on global expansion mode, is brought to town by Thailand’s real estate tycoon, Mr. Paul Kanchanapas, with the brands’ promise to bring a unique coffeehouse experience to Thailand’s coffee aficionados and serve specially-graded coffee directly sourced from farms globally. Beyond the perfect brewing experience, the coffeehouse’s team of qualified Q-graders and roastmasters also offer educational experiences – classes and workshops – that suit coffee lovers at all levels.

Ms. Jennifer W. F. Liu, Founder of The Coffee Academïcs who is recently recognized as Asia’s Power Businesswoman by Forbes, said that the brand aims to make specialty coffee accessible, exciting, and to play a role in raising the appreciation of specialty coffee globally through a pedagogical approach.  The Coffee Academïcs now operates 14 self-owned stores in Hong Kong, 4 in Singapore, 2 in China with 5-year plans to open more than 50 stores in China, Macau, Philippines, Korea, and Japan.

The Coffee Academïcs’ unique brand DNA, elevating the level of specialty coffee wherever we go; delivers exceptional coffee quality and specialty coffee education. We have been expanding rapidly since we first step out of our home market in 2016. Now we have partners and franchisees around the Asia Pacific to help expand our footprint even faster. By 2020, we will have over 30 stores in 7 Asian cities; by 2025, we will have over 50 stores in China alone,” said Ms. Jennifer.

Thailand has one of the longest and richest coffee-drinking cultures in Asia. The country is the 3rd largest producer of coffee in Asia, following Vietnam and Indonesia. A whopping 99% of the coffee produced in Thailand is Robusta variety that is produced in the south. The remaining 1% quality Arabica coffee is grown in the north on a much smaller scale. Recently, coffee production trends have begun to shift away from Robusta production to more sustainable and socially responsible Arabica farms, in response to the market demand for higher quality coffee. 

Mr. Paul Kanjanapas, Managing Director of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., LTD., said that The Coffee Academïcs is the first international coffee franchise brand added to IMPACT’s F&B portfolio. The partnership underscores the company’s ambition to grow the F&B business in Thailand, tapping into new market segments and bringing customer’s experiences to the next level.  “With the strength of the brand in the specialty coffee, international recognition, product quality, strategic location, together with IMPACT’s long experiences in the F&B management, these ingredients make a perfect blend to establish the brand in the local market and ensure customer satisfaction. Over the next five years, we aim to operate three shops in Bangkok with an investment of 200 million baht to grow the brand and offer a unique sensory playground for like-minded coffee lovers,” said Mr. Paul. 

The Coffee Academïcs source only top 5% of arabica coffee. Customers in Thailand will be enjoying a wide variety of coffee menu ranging from single-origin selection to signature blends, including the not-to-miss Thailand Blend, specially crafted to celebrate the arrival of The Coffee Academïcs in Bangkok. Reflecting the brand’s meaningful engagement with local businesses, the Thailand-inspired house blend, is created through carefully sourced specialty-grade beans from Chiangmai, a boutique farm in Laos, and Brazil-Alta Mogiana, which went through rigorous testing and meticulous cupping by the team of certified Q-graders and roasters.

Meanwhile, to reflect the brand’s commitment to raising the appreciation of specialty coffee a pedagogical approach, The Coffee Academïcs in Thailand will soon provide workshops for patrons who love to smell the coffee or those who are eager to dive deep into the arts of specialty coffee. The hands-on workshop can also be personalized as a special event for corporate clients or as a team-building activity, using coffee to inspire the team.

In addition, The Coffee Academïcs Thailand promotes sustainability and green initiatives by using takeaway packaging items that are 100 % biodegradable. The shop also invites customers to join BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug) campaign or use their own reusable straw.

Like-minded coffee lovers can now enjoy superior specialty coffee experiences at The Coffee Academïcs’ Bangkok flagship, located at the Velaa @Sindhorn Village, Langsuan Road. More information at www.the-coffeeacademics.com or follow The Coffee Academïcs at Facebook: TheCoffeeAcademicsBKK and Instagram: @TheCoffeeAcademicsBKK for exciting campaigns and promotions.

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