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Hotel Revenue Boost: ONYX’s Insights!

ONYX Hospitality GroupRecognised hospitality brand ONYX Hospitality Group has again demonstrated its industry-leading prowess and expertise at the Malaysia Hotel Investment and Development Summit. Bharath Satyavolu, the company’s esteemed Vice President of Revenue Management, took centre stage, sharing valuable insights and strategies for optimising hotel revenues in the challenging climate.

On July 12, 2023, the summit was a hotbed of industry thought leaders and pioneers congregating to discuss and dissect the latest trends and hurdles in hotel investment and development. Satyavolu, with his substantial background in revenue management, drew on his knowledge to address the pain points encountered by hotel establishments in a rapidly evolving distribution landscape.

The vibrant hotel industry today demands a multi-pronged approach to revenue maximisation. Acknowledging the relevance of such an approach, Satyavolu explored various facets of the distribution ecosystem, ranging from flash sales and loyalty programmes to the use of online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems (GDS), and metasearch engines. His presentation also covered the role of wholesalers, influencer marketing, and social media campaigns in creating a balanced distribution mix for revenue growth.

Yuthachai Charanachitta, the President and CEO of ONYX Hospitality Group, praised Satyavolu’s invaluable contribution. “Bharath’s unmatched proficiency in navigating the intricate world of hotel distribution is much sought after,” said Charanachitta. “We take great pride in his representation of ONYX at the Hotel Investment and Development Summit, as it underlines our dedication to innovation and exceptional standards in revenue management.”

Satyavolu’s speech served not only as a knowledge hub for strategies on revenue optimisation but also as a platform to voice his viewpoints on critical industry trends. By offering a prospective gaze into the future of hotel distribution, Satyavolu helped fortify ONYX Hospitality Group’s reputation as a pioneer and a successful trendsetter in the Southeast Asian market.

The presentation of Satyavolu showcased ONYX Hospitality Group’s commitment to shaping the industry’s future. His unique insights, grounded in years of experience, offer a path for other industry players to navigate the challenging hotel distribution landscape. The success of ONYX Hospitality Group’s participation at the summit is a testament to its commitment to leading the way in revenue management strategies and upholding its esteemed reputation in the Southeast Asian market.





Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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