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How Head Massage Can Help With Migraines

It is well known that a massage is the best way to relieve stress and it can help relieve any kind of tension in the body.

That’s why head massages can also help you with your migraines and it is the most natural way for headache treatment. A head massage can ease the muscle tension in the neck, jaw, and shoulders, which can be the source of your headaches in the first place.

What Are The Benefits of a Head Massage?

Besides the sensational feeling of a head massage on your sensory pressure points, it could also promote hair growth and lower your blood pressure. A small study in 2016 showed participants experienced that getting a daily scalp massage can increase hair thickness after 24 weeks. Due to the improved blood flow and a boosted circulatory system, it stimulates the hair follicles. It can revitalize the growth of your hair and thicken it. It even becomes more resistant to damage and breakage.

Furthermore, a head massage helps lower your blood pressure. Another study in 2016 found that a scalp massage of 15 to 25 minutes decreases systolic and diastolic blood pressure in female participants. It is known that migraines are up to 3 times more common in women than in men, because of the hormonal differences.

Bottom line is, that any boost in the circulation of your body and scalp is ought to have a positive effect on the rest of the circulatory system and can lead to a decrease in stress, anxiety, and depression.

What to Expect From a Head Massage?

Receiving a massage from a masseuse or professional therapist is of course always more relaxing than giving yourself one. There are different techniques to give a head and scalp massage. The main focus of a head and scalp massage is getting light to deep strokes on your entire skull, neck, and shoulders, which can be combined with some slow rhythmic kneading, circular friction, and acupressure knots to soften them, relax muscles and promote blood circulation.

Generally when receiving a Thai massage a head, scalp, and facial massage is always included. Most of the time the massage therapist will ask you if you would like to receive one. Not everyone is fond of a head and face massage.

How to Give Yourself a Head Massage

The great thing about a head massage is that you can do it yourself anywhere at any time, especially when you need an instant remedy, experiencing a headache, or a migraine. You can do it at the office, on a subway, or in a parked car. Ideally, try it in a quiet and relaxing environment where you are not disturbed.

Firstly before giving yourself a head massage make sure your hands are clean. It is best to wash your hands and forearms but when you’re outside at least clean your hands with disinfectant or alcohol. Now use your fingertips and start with small circular motions on your temples and use your thumbs to massage the side of your jaw for a few minutes. After that slowly move to the back of your head and massage your scalp. Give yourself a massage for at least 5 minutes to activate the blood flow of your scalp. Repeat this massage a few times if needed.

For the best relaxation when being at home we suggest using essential oils. It is well known that essential oils have beneficial effects to ease stress and anxiety. For a head massage we would recommend lavender oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, chamomile oil, or eucalyptus oil. It’s been said that it also helps headaches and migraines due to stress and anxiety relief. Please make sure before using any essential oils that you don’t have any allergies.

Benefits of Receiving and Giving a Head Massage

There is nothing better than being touched by your partner. Studies have proven that giving a massage by someone whom you are emotionally involved with releases chemicals in your brain to calm you down. It also creates Oxytocin which reduces stress and is  known as the “cuddle hormone”. Therefore, it enhances the bond between you and your partner physically and emotionally.

That being said, before giving or receiving a head massage you should create a nice and relaxing atmosphere. You could for example light some candles, an essential oil lamp or a room diffuser to create a nice ambiance. Make yourself and your partner comfortable by laying down on a bed, couch, or on a floor mat, whatever is the most comfortable way for you. As we mentioned before, make sure that you and your partner wash your hands and forearms before receiving or giving a head massage. Scrub and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. General hygiene is everything, especially nowadays during this global pandemic.

Whoever is giving a massage should sit in a comfortable position. It is best to lean against a wall, couch, or bed. The person who receives the massage should place their head on a pillow between their partner’s lap. Now place your index finger and middle on your partner’s temples and massage in a circular motion, with gentle pressure for a few minutes. Next, do some gentle strokes from the chin up to the temples. After that, you can add some pointy pressure with your thumb along with the eyebrows.

Let’s move to the neck and back area of the head. Turn the head of your partner to the side and cup your hand around the neck, so that you can rub the neck up and down with your thumb and fingers with gentle pressure. After that gently turn their head to the other side. Place the head smoothly back to the center and place your fingers behind the skull. Where the skull is attached to the neck, you can feel a hollow area there where you can lightly pull up the head. In the end, do a slow circular motion on the whole scalp like you would wash someone’s hair. To end the head massage you can rub your hands together to create a warm sensation between them. Then place them gently on the temples of their head or cover your partner’s eyes.

No matter when or from whom you are receiving a head massage, at the end of the day it gives you a feeling of de-stressing and a relaxed mind and body through the scalp. However, every head massage can be slightly different depending on the style someone is using.

Now that you know everything about a head and scalp massage, why not get one in the comfort of your own home? RLAX delivers wellness on-demand in Thailand. The perfect massage brought to your door. All RLAX therapists are rigorously trained and fully qualified. Treat yourself and book a relaxing massage right now.

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