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Huawei Cloud Aims to Support Thai Startups to Global Level

While Digital transformation is gaining popularity around the world. Supporting local startups will be a key to success in keeping Thailand from being left behind in the digital era.

According to the World Bank report, startups will create two-thirds of the total job positions, and account for 35% – 50% of the global GDP. As Thailand’s digital infrastructure has been significantly improved. Particularly telecommunication infrastructure, where strategic collaborations between the government agencies, industry partners, and digital product and service developers will help Thai startups reach their full potential. This collaboration also drives efficient development and builds a strong technological foundation for startups to help drive the country’s digital future.

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., as a partner and global leading ICT company, is committed to drive Thailand’s ICT development. Recognizing Thailand economic potential, Huawei has placed its position as the country’s first partner to continuously develop Thai startups. This year, Huawei partnered with various public and private agencies to organize ‘Spark Ignite 2022 – Thailand Startup Competition’, for the third consecutive year after the official launch of the ‘Huawei Spark Ignite project’ in the Asia-Pacific region in 2020. Huawei has technology and business expertise to help Thai startups grow efficiently. Most importantly, it will help build a healthy startup ecosystem, fostering strong relationships between startups and venture capital to support Thai startups to grow at a global level.

Last year, ReverseAds, the Phuket-based online digital advertising company that utilizes machine learning technology, emerged as the country’s winner in ‘Spark Ignite 2021 – Thailand Startup Competition’, and subsequently became the global winner. The company’s CEO, Michael Hahn, shared experience at the opening of this year’s event, “After winning the first prize, the ReverseAds team has been given a lot of opportunities, including strategic meetings with investors and various venture capital firms. This allowed us to raise funding up to $5 million. In addition, Huawei Spark program has allowed us to gain business and technology knowledge by using Huawei Cloud. During the past year, Huawei has also helped ReverseAds communicate with customers more clearly and effectively. Huawei Cloud’s latency of 20 milliseconds that covered Asia and Latin America continents allowed ReverseAds to reach customers 18% faster after joining the program. This was a true factor for success in online our advertising business.”

“ReverseAds aims to be the global marketer’s choice for online advertising. We will expand our business to Europe by 2022 and North America by 2023. I would say the secret sauce for startups participating in this year’s ‘Spark Ignite 2022 – Thailand Startup Competition’ is to present their business clearly and sincerely, while convincing the judges and investors to understand their business as much as possible,” explained Hahn.

‘School Bright’ is another outstanding startup that applies technology to help improve Thailand education. This startup uses technology to help manage school’s academic affairs, which included implementing the curriculum, setting learning plans, planning class, and teaching schedule and evaluating students’ performance efficiently. Mr. Narin Khurana, School Bright’s Chief Executive Officer, shared his experience about his company collaboration with Huawei during Huawei Spark program, “School Bright had the opportunity to work with Huawei to help develop users’ skills in cloud technology on system administration. In education business, a lot of users need concurrent access, making system management quite challenging. Huawei’s cloud technology helps stabilize School Bright’s system, and it plays a pivotal role in School Bright’s success, including upcoming entrance plans into the stock market. Startups who are interested in participating in this year competition, please show your devotion to the judges and investors during the business presentation complementing by hands-on business cases.”

Huawei continues to support technology startups in Thailand for the third year in a row. To provide opportunities for startups who dare to exceed the boundaries of their perceived limits. Partnering with Huawei to help realize ambitions and surpass their potential. In addition to US$125,000 (4,500,000 baht) Cloud Credits and admission to Huawei’s Spark programs overseas, the Grand Winner will gain the opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading technology innovators to bring their products and company to another level, and onward to a global platform. The program aims to meet Huawei’s commitment on ‘Grow in Thailand, contribute to Thailand’ as well as to help create a smart, sustainable, and fully connected digital Thailand in near the future.

Additional details of the “Spark Ignite 2022 – Thailand Startup Competition” can be found at https://www.huaweispark.com/en/challenges/sparkignite2022

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