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Huawei collaborates with the NCSA to strengthen Thai cybersecurity and award Thailand Cyber Top Talent 2022 competition winners

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and the National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) jointly presented awards worth over 500,000 baht to the phase 1 winners of the Thailand Cyber Top Talent 2022 competition, participants of which included high school students, university students, and the general public, with the aim of raising awareness about Thailand’s cybersecurity through a variety of training platforms and the cultivation of cybersecurity talents to accommodate personnel demand in the labor market, as well as to strengthen Thailand’s overall cybersecurity.

The presentation of the awards and prizes was presided over by Adjunct Professor Wisit Wisitsora-at, Permanent Secretary for Digital Economy and Society Ministry.

Adjunct Professor Wisit Wisitsora-at, MDES Permanent Secretary, said about the Thailand Cyber Top Talent 2022 competition: “I would like to congratulate all the winners in the contest. At present, the shortage of personnel specializing in cybersecurity is a crucial and urgent problem to be resolved at all levels, both short- and long-term, so that they will become the pillars of their organizations and the country in order to prevent various cyber threats in this digital economy era where cybercrimes are rapidly increasing and are likely to intensify year to year. Each of these occurrences could cause untold damage and affect societies and economic stability around the world. As such, it is essential for Thailand to develop its capacities, including in cybersecurity knowledge and understanding, for high school students, university students, and those people who will serve as the country’s future workforce.

Mr. Abel Deng, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., addressed the collaboration: “Huawei is confident that the contestants in this competition will serve as Thailand’s key players in the future. The Thailand Cyber Top Talent 2022 competition will help promote Thailand’s security and raise Thai people’s awareness and recognition of cyber threats. In addition, it will serve to enhance digital talents in Thailand, respond to demands in the Thai labor market, address cybersecurity personnel shortages in Thailand, and help push Thailand towards an effective transition into the digital era as part of Huawei’s mission to ‘Grow in Thailand, Contribute to Thailand’ and to become an ASEAN digital hub.”

Awards were presented to 9 winners in the respective tiers of high school students, university students, and the general public, including government officials and corporate employees, who received cash prizes of 128,000 baht, 150,000 baht, and 180,000 baht, respectively, worth 521,000 baht in total. The winners were also granted entry to compete in the regional Cyber SEA Games. In addition, the NCSA also presented the awards to 8 agencies that supported the study visits held as part of the program.

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