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ICCA Data: Meetings affected by COVID-19

ICCA’s Research Division are monitoring the status of all meetings in the ICCA Association Database.

Affected meetings in Asia Pacific
Of the 1,079 meetings in the ICCA Association Database currently scheduled in Asia Pacific for 2020, 84 meetings are affected by COVID-19 (7.8%) – last week we measured 65 meetings (4.1%). Of these 84 meetings, 66 are postponed, 16 cancelled and 2 relocated:

Affected meetings in Europe
As COVID-19 has spread further across Europe we have included a breakdown for this region. Of the 2,337 meetings in the ICCA Association Database currently scheduled for Europe in 2020, 20 meetings are affected with 10 postponed, 2 relocated and 8 cancelled:

On top of this, we see 4 affected meetings in North America and 2 in Africa.

Months of affected meetings
Of all the meetings affected globally (cancelled, postponed or relocated), you can find below a breakdown of the number of meetings of which we know the original month when it was supposed to take place (98 meetings):

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