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Immerse Yourself in Spain at ‘Discover the Spanish Fiesta’ Event

Spain, known as the land of flamenco dance, boasts a rich tapestry of history and diverse culture, with its culinary offerings standing out for their Mediterranean-inspired ingredients and flavors. This culinary heritage has placed Spain at the forefront of global gastronomy. Tops, a Food Business under Central Retail, has teamed up with the Embassy of Spain in Thailand to present the ‘Discover the Spanish Fiesta’ event, offering Thai enthusiasts their first taste of authentic Spanish culture. Marking a first for chain supermarkets in Thailand, this Spanish product fair gathers a collection of top-quality food products and ingredients alongside popular items from Spain, providing aficionados of Spanish cuisine with an unparalleled opportunity to savor authentic flavors. Featuring over 350 carefully curated items, this event promises a comprehensive shopping and tasting experience, showcasing renowned brands from today until 14 May 2024 at all participating branches of Tops Food Halls and Tops.

At the ‘Discover the Spanish Fiesta’, explore the pinnacle of high-quality food products and ingredients, meticulously selected, and curated with Tops’ expertise of over 28 years in sourcing the finest products from around the globe. Leading the lineup are highlighted special products featuring Iberico Black Pork, a delicacy from Spain renowned for its unique flavor and texture. Often hailed as the “wagyu” of pork due to its exquisite marbling, Iberico Black Pork (Iberico) is a breed of pig native to the Iberian Peninsula, encompassing parts of Spain and Portugal. These pigs are raised on a diet of acorns and natural grasses, resulting in meat with exceptional flavor and a distinctive aroma.

Followed by that are newly imported, top-selling snacks from Spain, including San Nicasio‘s crisps fried in pure olive oil, SuperBon‘s premium crispy potato chips in various flavors including truffle crisps from Madrid. Also available are Torres crisps with black truffle flavor, fragrant, crispy, and delicious, free from gluten and lactose. Not to be missed are Argente crisps from Valencia, a leading brand in Spain and Europe, as well as sugar-free Gullón biscuits for health-conscious consumers, ranked number one in Spain in the healthy biscuit category.

Completing the array are top-quality seasonings and premium ingredients, elevating every meal with authentic Spanish flavors. These include Castillo de Canena organic extra virgin olive oil, acclaimed for its quality, and awarded numerous accolades in Spain, BORGES extra virgin olive oil from three unique varieties, each with its own distinctive aroma and taste, La Rambla apple and grape-infused cider vinegar, La Fallera Spanish round grain rice and Bomba rice, originating from Valencia and known for its superior cultivation. Additionally, El Corte Ingles pasta, a popular choice in supermarkets across Spain, adds to the culinary offerings.

Underlining its status as the ultimate Food Destination, Tops offers a comprehensive range of cold cuts and cheeses in Spanish style, effortlessly serving up deliciousness. Highlights include Quesos El Pasto Santtum Curado Hard Blended Cheese, made from a blend of pasture-raised cow, sheep, and goat milk. The cheese has a pale ivory color and a semi-hard texture, with a subtle aroma from the ageing process. Quesos El Pastor Brebis D’Or Sheep Cheese with Truffle boasts a distinctive intense aroma, while Quesos El Pastor Old Sheep Cheese with Rosemary has a smooth texture and a fragrant, creamy taste from the rosemary. Quesos El Pastor Castellano Sheep Cheese aged 6 months has a deep golden colour and a rich, intense flavor, with a unique aroma of sheep’s milk. Loriente Jamón Serrano Reserva, Serrano ham stands out for its texture and flavor, while Loriente Jamón Serrano Gran Reserva, a Spanish ham prepared meticulously to achieve a perfect taste and texture, Chorizo Extra, a pork sausage, the unique taste of Spain, and exclusive to Tops are the original Deli Sun tortilla wraps, suitable for every recipe and everyone in the family, along with many other outstanding items.

Don’t miss out on the shopping spree! Tops is offering the grandest special rewards for customers with the highest accumulated purchase of Spanish products in the promotion. The top prize is a round-trip flight ticket (Bangkok-Madrid, Spain) for an unforgettable travel experience to explore the fascinating land of flamenco dance, admire the local architecture and culture, and savor authentic Spanish cuisine. This includes 2 seats on Iberojet airlines, earning MeliáRewards 60,000 points to exchange for a room at Meliá Hotels International for 2 nights, in Madrid, Spain. Also included are 2 tickets to watch La Liga football matches, experiencing world-class entertainment, along with 2 authentic licensed football team jerseys from La Liga clubs. For customers with the second to fourth highest accumulated purchases of Spanish products, there are three prizes of authentic licensed football team jerseys from La Lega club and 2,000 MeliáRewards points to use for discounts on accommodation or dining at Meliá Hotels in Thailand, with 3 prizes available.

Embark on a culinary journey into the original Spanish style and immerse yourself in the aroma of Spanish culture that everyone falls in love with, at the ‘Discover the Spanish Fiesta’ event from today until 14 May 2024 at all participating branches of Tops Food Hall and Tops. For more information, visit www.tops.co.th, TopsThailand Facebook, or the TopsThailand app.

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