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IMPACT announces the overall success of IMPACT Catering at the 35th ASEAN Summit

IMPACT announces its great success after hosting the 35th ASEAN Summit and related events. Besides the facilities, IMPACT Catering provided food and beverage services, with a team of 264 chefs and over 600 crew, to ensure the highest satisfaction and comfort for all participants during the 6-day event. The aim was to impress the ASEAN leaders from the 10 member states, key trade partners, international agencies and spouses of the ASEAN leaders. It was a great honor and source of pride for IMPACT to be part of the summit and represent Thailand. The event further affirmed IMPACT’s position as a leader of international conference venues in the region.

Mr. Lawrence Tan, Food and Beverage Director at IMPACT Exhibition Management Company Limited, said: “On behalf of IMPACT, I am very proud that we were trusted and chosen as the venue for hosting the latest international conference, “The 35th ASEAN Summit” in Thailand. Apart from managing the venue, IMPACT also had the opportunity to provide the catering service throughout the 6-day event with a total of 38 functions, including 31 snack and coffee breaks, 110 Thai snack boxes for spouses of the leaders and VIP guests, and 100,000 boxes of breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the staff at the event. In addition, we also prepared European and Thai buffet and cocktail reception for local and international media as well as a gala dinner for leaders and their spouses at the Royal Jubilee Ballroom. We received positive comments from the leaders and participants from different countries regarding our catering service in each function.”

Chef Ng Wai Meng, also known as Chef Roy, Executive Chef of Kitchen at IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., said: “We owe the success of IMPACT Catering at this international summit to our profound chef team and dedicated staff in delivering the food and beverages throughout the 6-day event to all VIP delegates, media and officers. This event marks one of the tough events we have ever done, not only of the volume but on the quality and stringent details needed on the food. We have paid close attention to every detail throughout the preparing process, from the ingredients sourcing, ordering, storage, food tasting to food presentation. This success also helps strengthen IMPACT and drives the company’s ambition to become Thailand’s No. 1 one-stop catering service provider under the international standard for Food Safety Management System or ISO22000.”

IMPACT, the largest convention and exhibition center in Thailand, is well-equipped with facilities and services to meet all your needs. There are meeting rooms, function rooms, and banquet halls in different sizes for different occasions. IMPACT Catering also provides food and beverage services prepared by a team with extensive knowledge and expertise. Excellent menus are meticulously crafted starting from the selection of the ingredients. Organic ingredients sourced from each province throughout Thailand are used for cooking. This is not only a way to promote the taste of the food and good health of the visitors, but it also enables IMPACT to support and generate income for the well-being of local communities. For example, IMPACT purchases organic vegetables from local farms, chicken eggs and meat from Sirin Farm in Chiang Rai, seafood from the southern region, Wagyu beef from Nakhon Ratchasima, salted fish from Chon Buri, and salt from Nan.

In addition, IMPACT accentuates the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable practices in its catering service by using biodegradable materials for meal boxes, straws, and glass bottles at functions. Food warmers with renewable energy are used to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The event room is decorated with fresh flowers for a natural beauty atmosphere and to reduce the waste from flowers or plants made from other materials. These practices greatly reflected the theme of “Advancing Partnerships for Sustainability” of the event.

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