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IMPACT extends the business by opening “Pier 99” with an investment of over 12 million baht Expands the area to accommodate all types of outdoor parties in a private lakeside atmosphere

IMPACT continues to expand its business to solidify its position as a leader in catering services

Recently, the company has opened “Pier 99” at IMPACT Lakeside, with an investment of over 12 million baht. The expansion is designed to accommodate all types of outdoor parties, allowing an event to be held on a pontoon on the lake. It will serve as another great option for customers’ parties or wedding parties that require privacy. IMPACT has a professional team to handle all aspects of an event,including the venue, food and beverages to ensure that IMPACT is a top venue choice where customers can have their requirements met.

Mr. Paul Kanjanapas, Managing Director of IMPACT Exhibition Management Company Limited, the operator of IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center,Muang Thong Thani, revealed that “IMPACT is not only the top choice for trade shows and national concerts for entertainment, but is also an alternative venue for banquet facilities, available with both indoor and outdoor areas. Function rooms of several different sizes can be chosen according to suitability and the needs of customers, from small events that require privacy to large rooms for product launches or international fairs. The newly outdoor expansion “Pier 99” is an extension of 392 square metersat a cost of over 12 million baht. With its capacity to accommodate up to 250 customers, we expect it to satisfy customers with a lakeside environment that is suitable for organizing a variety of events and activities such as a cocktail or buffet party that accommodates a minimum of 50 guests. Food is provided by the IMPACT Catering team and a team of professional chefs from three international restaurants at IMPACT Lakefront.

IMPACT has developed the area of more than 2,400 square meters around Muang Thong Thani Lake to be anew tourist destination at the heart of Muang Thong Thani. The iconic IMPACT Lakefront is the location of threeinternational restaurants, including Uwajima, a Japaneserestaurant that offers fresh sushi and sashimi, charcoal grilled seafood, Nabe hot pot, and imported drinks from Japan. The second restaurant, Breeze Café & Bar, offers delicious fusion dishes made with finest ingredients, along with a variety of drinks, under the supervision of an Australian chef. The third restaurant, Isan Jim Joom, is famous for the authentic northeastern Thai style hot pot and lip-smacking grilled seafood made fresh daily. In addition to the three famous international restaurants, IMPACTLakefront is also the location of IMPACT Speed Park, an international go-kart track that offers the ultimate go-karting experience with a fleet of state-of-the-art go kartsfrom the world’s leading manufacturer. It is also a preferred venue for car launches, go-kart racing activities of leading organizations, and private birthday parties, as well as for those seeking out a unique venue for their events.

Last year, IMPACT Lakefront garnered a lot of attention and overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers and hosted over 40 events, including parties, product launches, entertainment activities, reunion parties, wedding ceremonies, New Year parties, birthday parties, thank you parties for the media, and seminars for leading companiesand association such as PTT, TMB, Fuji Film, GoPro, Amway, Singapore-Thai Chamber Of Commerce and leading car companies like Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley,Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and Suzuki. IMPACT Lakefront was also the location for the first time to organize Boat Fest 2018 curated by IMC International Media in conjunction with Motor Expo 2018 to showcase luxury Jet-skis, Speed Boats, and Yachts in Muang Thong Thani lake. Buffet and cocktail were the most popular catering styles among customers. The IMPACT Catering chef team and the threerestaurants had personalized menu options at a reasonable price to meet the specific needs of customers,” Mr. Pauladded.

For those looking for an alternative venue to organize a party in a specific style that offers a private atmosphere in a prime location of Muang Thong Thani, plus convenient parking, a variety of food choices, including Thai, Japanese and international cuisine, and a comprehensive range of services to ensure a successful event, please feel free to contact sales department for more information or reservation at 02-833-5252

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