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IMPACT partners with Haupcar to provide private car rental service as part of its efforts to utilize technology to enhance customer experience

IMPACT has partnered with Haupcar, a Thai startup that provides the first mobile application for car rental in Thailand which allows customers to unlock the car with their smartphones. The partnership highlights IMPACT’s commitment to continually improving customer experience, providing the utmost convenience, and delivering a high level of customer satisfaction. It also signifies the company’s efforts to reduce the use of private cars and parking issues, as well as to raise service standards as IMPACT is one of the largest and most modern exhibition and convention centers in Asia. The car rental service is set to be piloted in September 2019.

Miss Jintana Phongpakdee, Director of Corporate Communications, IMPACT Exhibition Management, Co., Ltd., said “At IMPACT, we are constantly working on improving and enhancing our services by integrating new technologies. We are pleased to support a Thai startup like Haupcar, while at the same time offering an alternative mobility solution to those attending trade shows, conferences, meetings, seminars, and particularly concerts being held at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center. The car rental service is ideal for those traveling as a group. With car sharing, you don’t need to look and pay for parking. It also helps reduce traffic congestion. Customers can choose and reserve a car that best fits their need via the Haupcar application and rent a car on an hourly or daily basis. We’re confident that the service will be well received by teenagers and tech-savy customers.

 IMPACT is committed to facilitating convenient transportation system and providing customers with new public transport options. With that in mind, we are offering Haupcar as an alternative to accommodate customers’ needs, especially during heavily-attended concerts that are usually held at night. The car rental service is available at three designated locations in Muang Thong Thani, including 1) Outdoor Parking at the Portal Lifestyle Complex, 2) parking space on the 2nd floor of Cosmo Bazaar, and 3) BEEHIVE Lifestyle Mall.”

Mr. Krit Vichaiwatanapanich, CEO and co-founder of Haupcar, said “A car can be reserved and unlocked via the Haupcar application 24 hours. Haupcar has been operating for over 3 years and is very well received. Currently, we have over 100 locations across Bangkok. Customers can pick up and return the car at their nearest location. What’s more, customers will also receive a fleet card for refueling the car which is already included in the rental rate. Our service is quite new in Thailand. Our target groups are the younger generation of consumers and those looking for short-term car rental. Customers can select rental time from minutes up to 7 days.

To rent a car through Haupcar, customers are required to register and present their driver’s license and ID card. Once registered, customers can reserve and unlock the car they want via the Haupcar application 24 hours. They can also choose the date and time preferably to rent a car and pay the rental fee via the application. We have piloted the service during Westlife concert at IMPACT Arena and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.”

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