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Inspiring Creators: NIA’s Innovation Inspirers

The National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA, under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, announces the list of 100 individuals who are inspiring people to change the world sustainably from the book “100 Faces of Thailand’s Innovation Inspirers 3” under the theme of “SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION” based on the 3Ps: PLANET (Society and Environment), PEOPLE (Quality of Life), and PROFIT (Economy) through paradigms, ideas, work and the success of original people from various professional fields in the country. The NIA is also launching the online exhibition and the e-book “100 Faces of Thailand’s Innovation Inspirers 3,” accessible through the website www.nia100faces.com.

Dr. Pun-Arj Chairatana, Executive Director of NIA, said “The NIA has always focused on people and society and aims to promote innovation that helps reduce inequality and provides opportunities for people countrywide. We also strive to make everyone realize the importance of innovation, the environment, society, and good governance, as well as being able to create and utilize innovation.”

“The book ‘100 Faces of Thailand’s Innovation Inspirers 3′ this year is organized under the concept of SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION to demonstrate that sustainable development encompasses all dimensions covering 3 groups and 6 branches. These are the PLANET Group which comprises innovations that create sustainable social and environmental changes which consist of the environmental and city network branches. The PEOPLE Group, which comprises innovations that have a sustainable impact on people’s quality of life, Health & Wellbeing, Privacy and Rights & Equality. And the PROFIT Group which comprises innovations that foster sustainable economic prosperity and inclusivity, being security and inclusiveness.’ This serves as an effort to demonstrate that sustainable development is something achievable by everyone, no matter what their occupation is, whether it is in business, in civil society, in the government or in the education sector. Let’s just do it seriously and be different with a new paradigm,” he said.

Dr. Pun-Arj added that the book “100 Faces of Thailand’s Innovation Inspirers 3” presents the stories of 100 Thai individuals who will inspire millions of people, both Thais and foreigners, to come together, think and collaborate to create sustainable innovations. At the event, there was an e-book launch, an exhibition “100 Faces of Thailand’s Innovation Inspirers 3” and a panel discussion by 3 inspirational representatives to reflect on the idea of changing the world’s sustainability through innovation. At the same time, there is also an online virtual exhibition where everyone can experience visiting the exhibition as if they are at the event.

During the panel discussion, Panchana Vatanasathien, the founder of the “Rice for Doctors” or “Food For Fighters” from the PLANET group, stated that during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, funds were raised through crowdfunding to provide boxed meals from various restaurants for hardworking medical personnel.

The project, known as “Rice for Doctors” or “Food for Fighters,” had been endorsed by UNDP. And subsequently, it grew rapidly, until there were participating restaurants in more than 20 provinces, leading to the establishment of a system set up to match hospitals with local restaurants. This network-driven collaboration truly encompasses the spirit of genuine networking and aids those in need. The “Food for Fighters” project did not prioritize financial aspects but instead applied a network approach to create value and to enhance the potential for scalability, ultimately transforming the project into an innovation that fosters sustainable development within society.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Jiraporn Arunakul, the owner of Facebook Page: “Leang Look Nork Baan” (“Parenting outside the home”) from the PEOPLE group, stated that technology enables people to access information quickly, especially through social media platforms, where people from various fields often exchange information and knowledge with each other. This is considered an opportunity for social advancement. Therefore, she initiated the “Leang Look Nork Baan” page to share professional knowledge and personal experiences related to raising children at different stages of life and addressing social issues related to children. Its goal is to help parents understand and transform their traditional parenting mindset into a more positive approach known as “positive parenting” to nurture children’s growth, both physically and mentally, providing a foundation for a sustainable positive society. Because it takes villages to raise a child.

Meanwhile, Nattapon Muangtum, the owner of Facebook page: “Kan Ta Lad Wan La Ton” (EverydayMarketing.co) from the PROFIT group, said that the initial idea of wanting to make marketing more accessible and easier to understand evolved into the concept of “Everyday Marketing” that tells marketing stories in a simple language that market vendors can read and apply in real life. This made the ordinary people, not just a specialized group understand marketing knowledge. By breaking down marketing techniques into simpler terms, the page gained over 200k followers and grew into a continuously developing marketing consultancy company. It embodies the saying, “Knowledge is infinite,” and “EverydayMarketing.co” continues developing endlessly as well.

“NIA hopes that this book will inspire people to create more sustainable innovations and believes that we can propel Thailand to be in the top 30 of the Global Innovation Index. The outstanding innovation of Thailand that foreigners will recall is the ‘Innovation for Crafted Living,’ which emphasizes Thai lifestyle, Thai identity, and the structure of Thai cultural society. We can find numerous examples of this in the book,” concludes Dr. Pun-Arj.

Those who are interested can get inspired by the book via website www.nia100faces.com.

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