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Internet Travel Solutions Provides Solutions for the Stranded Traveler

ITS (Internet Travel Solutions), a leading travel technology solutions company, continues to focus on helping those who are stranded or lacking travel options. ITS technology is simple and can be quickly deployed for airlines, companies, universities and other entities requiring a safe, quick and easy travel solution given the current global restrictions and customer solution challenges surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic.

For airlines and companies that are struggling to handle heavy call volume, traveler manifests can be loaded directly into ITS’ automated booking robot to re-accommodate 100s of passengers in minutes. Disrupted passengers are quickly booked on other airlines with cost saving policy rules and emailed a notification with their updated travel itinerary. ITS has years of extensive experience with IROP bookings for multiple airlines and providing assistance to FEMA, perfecting the process and making it simple for organizations to assist displaced travelers quickly and affordably.

For organizations with stranded individuals both domestically and internationally faced with unique travel decisions, ITS’ online booking technology also allows the traveler choose their own flight. All emails are encrypted for a single-use self-booking invitation, simplifying authentication and deployment. ITS presents clear and comprehensive trip manifest data, giving managers the capability to easily sort and filter departure/arrival times, trip status, and more.

“We implemented our booking tool for 4,000 travelers in only four hours, and all of the bookings were completed within a few days,” said Chris W., Travel Manager. “It couldn’t have been any easier.”

In addition to technology, ITS has experienced agents around the world who primarily work from home, which is critical for internal travel management departments who are looking for short and long-term solutions to extend the capabilities of their teams.

Key Product Features:

– Fast manifest uploads for a quick deployment
– Automated bookings for 100s of travelers at a time
– Encrypted email invitations for self-booking
– Travelers can choose their own travel
– Real-time travel booking reports
– Duty of Care

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