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Introducing Signature Bangkok

Led by former 2-Michelin star Chef Thierry Drapeau, Signature Bangkok serves innovative, modern French cuisine complemented by the beauty and delicate flavours of edible flowers and by subtle, theatrical flair. Located on the 11th floor of VIE Hotel Bangkok, Signature Bangkok soars above the city, offering spectacular views of the Bangkok skyline, and promises to be among Bangkok’s top Michelin-inspired destination dining venues.

Introducing “Floral Cuisine”, Culinary Journeys Starring Edible Flowers & Herbs

Signature Bangkok highlights “floral cuisine”, a creative extension of Chef Thierry’s acclaimed “cuisine of the soil’ philosophy. Using delicate, enchanting flowers and herbs, and exceptionally fresh, seasonal ingredients from land and sea, Signature Bangkok’s menu is intended to reflect nature and terroir, or a sense of place. Envisioned as a “journey of discovery”, the seasonal Chefs Menu tells the story of each ingredient, inviting guests to discover nature and culture through gastronomy.

Signature Bangkok’s menu follows a jus-based approach which highlights the natural flavours of poultry, meats and fish. Preferring to avoid excessive use of butter and spices, Chef Thierry relies on Thailand’s bounty of rare, beautiful edible flowers and delicate herbs to enhance flavour dimensions. An on-site organic kitchen garden provides fresh, seasonal flowers and herbs. The result is creative, beautiful French cuisine that is light, expressive and approachable. All menus include canâpes, mise en bouche, mignardises and a signature gift to take home.

Each evening’s menu is introduced with an enchanting title, setting stage for the journey ahead. For instance, the 5-course Le Grande Bouquet: Discovery & Heritage by Thierry Drapeau introduces Bangkok epicureans to “The King of Vendee”, classic French Burgaud duck roasted and presented with creamed cacao, pumpkin and Nasturtium flowers. Additional discovery and heritage highlights include Blue lobster from Brittany subtly flavoured with Oxalis flowers, grilled Normandy scallops with fennel, capers and anise, and, for a touch of sweetness, Calamansi citrus with almonds and marigold.

Signature Bangkok is one of the few Michelin-calibre restaurants in Bangkok offering an organic vegan tasting menu. Available as a standard nightly option, the organic vegan menu follows the same rigor in preparation and presentation. An on-site organic kitchen garden provides fresh, seasonal flowers and herbs.

The Experience: It’s Your Stage, It’s Your Show

Deeply committed to delivering a Michelin-calibre experience and service, Signature Bangkok and Chef Thierry nonetheless seek to demystify the formality of French and Michelin dining, making it at once an epicurean event while keeping it approachable and in-step with Thai culinary culture of enjoying relaxed meals in beautiful settings.

Taking cue from the theatre, where stories are told before a live audience, Signature Bangkok’s kitchen opens out to the dining room, much like a stage in a theatre. Guests are encouraged to see the culinary team prepare and plate their meals, to converse and discover rare ingredients and epicurean craftsmanship take shape.

Guests begin their culinary journey in Signature Bangkok’s plush, velvet draped, live piano lounge where they are greeted with appetisers paired with aperitifs, champagne and sparkling wines. The main meal unfolds in the restaurant’s dining room overlooking the Bangkok skyline, with a choice of a 3- or 5-course Chef’s Menu.

Signature Bangkok’s cellar features wines from around the world, including Bangkok’s best collection of biodynamic wines handpicked from boutique wineries. Head Sommelier Théo Lavergne, formerly the sommelier at 2-Michelin star Le Clarence restaurant in Paris, is on hand to guide guests through their pairings, regaling guests with stories of a wine’s journey from vineyard to bottle. Wine pairings are offered with each menu, although diners may select their own wines from the cellar.

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