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Italian Trade Agency presents the Fourth “Italian Cuisine Week” in Thailand

Italian Trade Agency, the governmental agency that supports the business development of Italian companies abroad and promotes the attraction of foreign investment in Italy, has announced the 4th “Italian Cuisine Week” in Thailand starting from today. The Italian Cuisine Week, which was officially launched with the press conference at the residence of the Ambassador of Italy in Thailand, this year will be conducted under the theme “Food Education: A Taste of Culture”.

The opening event will be held on November 19, 2019 at the Gaysorn Plaza in Bangkok and November 22, 2019 in Phuket. For these evenings ITA will distribute a book — “Italian Cuisine in Thailand: Discovering Italy in 20 Regions”, a guide to the Italian food in Thailand. This book was specifically published by the agency in order to further enhance the impact of the project.

During the evening of “Ospitalita’ Italiana” in Bangkok the 7 Italian companies will present and offer the guests to taste new products — cold cuts, gluten-free flours, preserved vegetables, grana with truffles, wines, bitter spirit (Amaro) at the exhibition desks made available by the ITA – Bangkok Office. The new food and wine will also be used by the restaurant chefs for the preparation of dishes offered to the participants during the event. On the screen of the main stage will be projected videos of presentation and promotion of Italian companies, inviting the attendees to visit the dedicated spaces and taste various specialties.

The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce will also hold the Awarding Ceremony at Ospitalita’ Italiana to recognize 20 Authentic Italian Restaurants in the Kingdom. The restaurants were selected following the strict requirements set by INSART — the Italian Institute for Research in Tourism. The INSART determines whether restaurants meet their standards based on the ten strict requirements:

  • Identity and Italian Distinctiveness
  • Reception
  • Mise en place
  • Kitchen
  • Menu
  • Gourmet offer
  • Wine list
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Experience and competence
  • PDO and PGI products

Giuseppe Lamacchia, Director of the Italian Trade Agency’s Bangkok Office said, “We are honoured to organize this festival. And we hope to bring a piece of Italy in Thailand with food, art, culture and cuisine. The event will offer visitors many delicacies of the Italian cuisine as well as wines from Italy.”

The Italian Festival Thailand 2019 is a long running festival. Throughout the years, the agency has celebrated the essence on “Italy” through various events. For the cuisine week, the agency has partnered with over 20 leading Italian brands and restaurants in Thailand.

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