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IVL remains on track to deliver its 2021-2023 strategy that will double EBITDA and deliver double digit ROCE by 2023

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited, a global chemical producer, hosted its annual IVL Capital Markets Day 2021 announcing its strategic progresses. Highlights are as follows:

Our Platforms. People. Systems – prepared for growth

Despite the challenges of 2020, IVL’s vertically-integrated and multi-regional platforms have proven resilient on the back of strong volume growth and prudent capital management to maintain strong operating cash flows. Impact on demand and spreads across segments largely temporary and expected to make a strong recovery along with the economy.

In addition, the management team has used 2020 to ‘prepare for growth’ by re-organizing the business, building strong leadership teams at every vertical and enabling the teams with strong support systems (e.g. centers of excellence, shared services, one ERP).

Olympus transformation ahead vs. first year plan

Execution of the company’s cost saving transformation project, called Olympus, is off to a strong start as IVL is ahead of first year plan by 25%+. Encouraged by internal assessment and outperformance, we have increased our Project Olympus ambition to deliver $610M impact by 2023 (vs. $350M announced last year), comprising of 2,500+ Cost Transformation and Business Full Potential initiatives.

Segment strategies refreshed

Each segment has refreshed its strategy to reflect the changing macro environment, higher ambition from transformation, opportunity to harness the ‘One IVL’ advantage and new growth and adjacency opportunities.

Leader in Sustainability and Circular Economy

IVL remains committed to ESG and continues to be recognized by rating agencies as a leader in the Chemicals Industry. In addition, IVL is on track to meeting its 2025 global commitment on recycling

Strong Financial Performance expected

IVL expects to double its EBITDA and deliver double-digit ROCE by 2023. In doing so, IVL will generate healthy cash flows to meet its capital management goals, invest in value accretive attractive projects, sustain its dividend policy to reward shareholders and continuously de-leverage its balance sheet from 1.46 to 0.6x

Mr. Aloke Lohia, Group CEO of Indorama Ventures, said, “Despite a challenging year, 2020 has given me even more conviction in our businesses. Through the pandemic, we have strengthened our platforms, empowered our people and advanced our systems agenda, therefore positioning ourselves well to take advantage of opportunities in the recovery, to unlock the full potential of IVL and to ready the company for the next era.”

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