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Jaya House: Revolutionizing Eco-Luxury in Cambodia!

Jaya HouseIn the heart of Southeast Asia, as the region braces for a tourism boom in 2024, stands a beacon of sustainable elegance and cultural immersion – Jaya House River Park Siem Reap. This hotel has captured the essence of Khmer culture and positioned itself as the epicentre of responsible luxury in Cambodia.

A Symbiosis of Style and Sustainability

Jaya House, nestled along the tranquil banks of the Siem Reap River, presents an enchanting blend of 1960s Cambodian Modernism and Khmer art deco, which captivates the discerning traveller. Each of its 36 guest rooms is a testament to understated luxury, adorned with sustainable materials and showcasing the extraordinary talents of the Siem Reap Art School students. The hotel’s design philosophy extends beyond aesthetics, deeply embedding itself in environmental responsibility.

Jaya House Pool
Jaya House Pool.

An Unprecedented Approach to Responsible Luxury

The accolades of Jaya House speak volumes. Ranked among the Top 25 Hotels in The World for four consecutive years, this boutique hotel transcends the conventional boundaries of hospitality; under the visionary leadership of Christian De Boer, a renowned hotelier and UN sustainable tourism advisor, Jaya House pioneers a model of tourism that’s not just about luxury but about making a tangible, positive impact on the local community.

Seven Pillars of Positive Impact

Jaya House Lobby
Jaya House Lobby.
  1. Empowering Education: Jaya House invites guests to participate in its Children’s Nutritional Book Drive, directly addressing the educational needs of local children.
  2. Environmental Stewardship: The ‘Refill Not Landfill’ campaign, initiated by the hotel, has been pivotal in combating plastic pollution, making Jaya House Cambodia’s first single-use plastic-free hotel.
  3. Nurturing Local Talent: The hotel’s commitment to staff development, mainly through its free English education program, is a testament to its investment in the local community.
  4. Sustainable Dining: Trorkuon Khmer, the on-site restaurant, epitomizes the ethos of sustainable and ethical dining, supporting local suppliers and promoting food equality.
  5. Boosting Local Enterprises: The launch of Jaya Organics showcases local craftsmanship and creates employment opportunities, thus driving socio-economic growth.
  6. Supporting Landmine Relief Efforts: Jaya House’s contributions to the Cambodia Landmine Museum and Relief Centre underscore its commitment to addressing the country’s tragic legacy of landmines.
  7. Rescuing Street Children: The hotel’s support for the Green Gecko Center for Street Children is a shining example of tourism’s role in social upliftment.

A Visionary’s Perspective

How Cambodia's most fashionable hotel became the sustainable style icon of Southeast Asia.
How Cambodia’s most fashionable hotel became the sustainable style icon of Southeast Asia.

Christian De Boer, the Managing Director of Jaya House, emphasizes the growing trend of conscious travel. “As Southeast Asia becomes a hotspot for tourists seeking value and authenticity, our mission to enhance local welfare and minimize tourism’s footprint is more crucial than ever,” he asserts.

Luxury with a Conscience

Jaya House’s room rates, starting at $280 USD per night, are more than just a price tag. They represent a commitment to supporting vital community initiatives. With each booking, guests contribute to the local community’s well-being, embodying the true spirit of responsible tourism.

As Jaya House River Park Siem Reap continues to redefine luxury in the realm of sustainable tourism, it stands as a beacon of hope and an inspiration for the future of responsible travel in Southeast Asia.

Visit Jaya House River Park Siem Reap for an experience transcending conventional luxury.




Written by: Supporn Pholrach (Joom)







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