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Jim Thompson Elevates Thai Retail!

Jim ThompsonIn an exhilarating turn of events, Jim Thompson, the global lifestyle brand famed for its exceptional Thai silk products, has announced the opening of two new stores in Thailand’s vibrant Chiang Mai and Pattaya. A move that signifies the brand’s dedication to fostering economic and tourism growth in Thailand, these recent locations promise a fusion of traditional heritage and innovative retail, bound to captivate locals and international visitors.

Jim Thompson’s expansion unfolds after successfully transforming Bangkok retail spots – Jim Thompson House and The EmQuartier Shopping Centre. The new locations in the thriving tourist hotspots of Central Chiang Mai and Central Pattaya showcase the brand’s latest collections. From ready-to-wear fashion for men’s and women’s and home décor to captivating bags, scarves, and accessories, the stores guarantee a captivating shopping experience.Jim Thompson opens new retail locations

Frank Cancelloni, Group CEO at Jim Thompson, articulates the brand’s ambitions, “As a quintessential lifestyle brand of Thailand, our mission is to boost the country’s economic and tourism sectors through our expansion into popular tourist cities. We envision our new stores at Central Chiang Mai and Central Pattaya, both highly frequented tourist destinations, to become landmarks due to their exceptional collection range, extraordinary architectural design, and immersive shopping experience.”

Mirroring the iconic aesthetic of the Jim Thompson Heritage Quarter, both new stores feature a vibrant red-orange gradient design that echoes the essence of traditional ‘Raja Mai Thai’ houses. Each store fascinates with its cinnabar-hued ceilings, a stark reflection of the rich red floors and walls in Bangkok’s globally recognized Jim Thompson House. Wooden shutters, reminiscent of the original Jim Thompson house, ensure a seamless thematic connection across all store areas.

A notable highlight of both locations is the majestic two-tier chandelier made from 24 vivid Thai silk cushion covers. This elegant piece symbolises the late James H.M. Thompson’s profound respect for Thai craftsmanship and artisans.

Spread across a generous 160 square meters, each store offers an exclusive shopping experience in a prime location of the premium malls that host them. The Central Chiang Mai store ushers shoppers into Jim Thompson’s world of elegance and quality, whilst the Central Pattaya outlet, situated in a beachfront shopping complex, offers patrons an engaging encounter with Thailand’s silk heritage and artisanship amidst a bustling tourist hotspot.

As the iconic brand of Jim Thompson intensifies its presence in Thailand, the anticipation surrounding these new store openings is palpable. With the promise of a unique shopping journey into the heart of Thai silk heritage, these locations are set to redefine the retail landscape of Chiang Mai and Pattaya, enhancing the cultural and economic vibrancy of these destinations. Indeed, both the locals and tourists are set to benefit from these enriching additions.





Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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