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Jim Thompson & GroundPLAY: A Culinary Fusion Delight

Jim Thompson, the iconic Thai lifestyle brand, joined forces with GroundControl, an online media and collaborative agency rooted in the world of art, and blogger PEARishungry to present a unique and artistic brunch experience at GroundPLAY 2023, Baan Trok Tua Ngork. This collaboration, named #TasteOfStillLife, showcased several of Jim Thompson’s exquisite home decoration products and combined art, identity, and food sustainability in a delightful manner.

#TasteOfStillLife, curated by PEARishungry, was inspired by the rich history of Still Life art, which has always reflected societal and cultural contexts. Drawing inspiration from iconic artworks spanning different eras, the culinary team, in close collaboration with Chef Nick (Nikolaj Lenz), known as the “upcycle maestro,” and Chef Mel (Rujimora), the master of “everything is possible,” crafted a menu that narrated a story through each dish.

What set #TasteOfStillLife apart was its emphasis on sustainability. Each culinary creation creatively showcased locally sourced, delicious ingredients, underscoring the importance of food sustainability in today’s world. Jim Thompson’s elegant dining sets added an extra layer of sophistication and charm to the dining experience.

The event was part of GroundPLAY 2023, an artistic extravaganza that brought together art lovers for three days filled with various activities, including art exhibitions, an art market, art discussion groups, flower arrangement workshops, swing dance sessions, and music from artist friends’ playlists, all creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Jim Thompson’s exquisite home decoration products, including Ravenala Linen Tea Towels, Floral Field Cotton Napkins, Jacquard Placemats, Silk Placemats, and Coasters, were prominently showcased at the event, further emphasising the brand’s commitment to art and aesthetics.

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