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‘JWD Art Space’ invite you to see the art exhibition ‘DIE SCHoeNE HEIMAT’ “Baankerd-Muangdai-Reunjai-Muangngam” by Somboon Hormtientong during March,19 – June,14 2020

JWD Art Space, the first art exhibition and art storage space in Thailand, would like you to become a part of the search for meaing of a “beautiful home” in the art exhibition ‘Die Schoene Heimat’ or ‘Baankerd-Muangdai-Reunjai-Muangngam’ by Somboon Hormtientong. Retrace through experiences and art practices in Germany more than 30 years, Somboon is now reflecting on those stories and feeling where his life has emerged through two distinct cultures: Thai and German. Exhibition is free for public between  March, 19 – June, 14 2020 at JWD Art Space, Chulalongkorn Soi 16.

Somboon has been acknowledged to be working on more than 70 paintings and installation that have never been exhibited before, with new, different approaches revolving around the sentimental of memory and values of life, and gently reminding of our own home to be a warmly restplace where new creativity can be found.

The word ‘Die Schoene Heimat’ in German means ‘The Beautiful home’, and looking deep down, this word represent a meaning of vivid memories, or to reminiscence. However, it is metaphorically identical to the accailmed of an artist whom love and dedicates his life to art. Like an empty space, yet later assembled to become a ‘beautiful home’ that fullfill the artist’s enthusiasm with values and prides. Additionally, the selection of artworks provokes the concept ‘Everything has its ego’: the exist of oneself. With the characteristics according to the reality, when artworks were placed in the right place and the right time, it could come with conversation and aspire new inspirations to the audiences. The artist wishes his audiences looking inside, where they could all reflects and unveil the meaning of life. With beliefs that every human has their own ‘Die Schoene Heimat’.

You are invited to become one with the art and discover new perspectives of the art world at JWD Art Space, Chulalongkorn 16 from 10 AM – 7 PM. Keep update for more news and events in Facebook: JWDArtSpace and www.jwd-artspace.com Tel. 02 710 4060

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