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“KAGARI,” a self-developed service to acquire new customers effectively by “Future LTV”

transcosmos inc. has developed and released “KAGARI,” its self-developed service specifically designed for customer acquisition via digital ads. With the power of AI, KAGARI builds predictive models based on customer purchase data owned by clients, predicts each customer’s “Future Lifetime Value (LTV)” with the models, lists up and analyzes customers with a higher LTV and contribution, and ultimately delivers ads targeting customers with a higher “Future LTV.” By identifying long-term value of customers and running digital ads focused on their “Future LTV,” transcosmos will help clients acquire high-value customers effectively on their marketing starategies.

■ “KAGARI,” a service that predicts “Future LTV” to approach new high-value customers effectively
Over the past few years, various strategies for nurturing customer loyalty have become key in marketing with the 5A’s model at the top of the list. Although the fact that LTV, one of the metrics in such strategies, has been drawing market attention for a long time, there has been no effective ad delivery method that is based on LTV. In fact, publishers and agencies have been delivering ads based on “traffic volume,” “CVR” and other indirect metrics. Then, transcosmos’s new service KAGARI calculates customers’ “Future LTV” with its proprietary AI-powered analytics technology, prioritizes and segments existing customers based on the value measured by the metrics, and ultimately delivers ads targeting “customers with real value.” By applying this process, KAGARI enables clients to effectively approach “new high-value customers with a higher LTV” that were otherwise difficult to identify.
Moreover, by assessing various customer segments with KAGARI, it can make a list to segment high value customers across multiple brands as well as execute initiatives to improve existing customers’ LTV in order to nurture such customers into loyal customers and to reactivate dormant customers. Furthermore, as purchase data is not allowed to include personal information, KAGARI makes it easier for clients to address data security issues and deploy the service smoothly.

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