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Kantary Hotel, Kabinburi & Kantary 304 Hotel in Prachinburi hold the Annual Thank You Party 2019

Wiwat Tangjitkobboon (4th left), corporate group director of Cape & Kantary Hotels, and the executive management team recently hosted the Annual Thank You Party 2019 to all exclusive guests and clients for their support of our two hotels in Prachinburi. The event was honoured by Saito Yasuhara (3rd left) president of Y-Tec.co.th; Kagami Yoshiaki (2nd left) managing director of Aisin Thai Automotive Casting Co., Ltd; and Tomoya Higuchi (5th left) managing director of Kaga (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The party was held at Kantary 304 Hotel, Prachinburi.

Seen in the photo from left: Arucha Banchornanthachai, general manager of Kantary Hotel, Kabinburi; Kagami Yoshiaki; Saito Yasuhara; Wiwat Tangjitkobboon; Tomoya Higuchi and Sathavuth Sermprasert, general manager of Kantary 304 Hotel, Prachinburi.

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