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KEENON Robotics and Wyndham Hotel Group Form Strategic Cooperation

Recently, KEENON Robotics (KEENON) began a strategic cooperation with Wyndham Hotel Group and has officially become their designated supplier of commercial service robots in the Asia-Pacific region, hereby assisting in the digital upgrade of guest services offered by Wyndham Group.

Wyndham Hotel Group has a large global presence, with approximately 9,100 hotels across 95 countries and regions in six of the seven continents. Since 2020, both Robot+ and cloud computing have gradually become the mainstream trend in the hotel industry. As such, several well-known, international hotel groups have already begun strategic cooperation with KEENON, including Wyndham Hotel Group, Dongcheng Hotels and Jinjiang Hotels.

KEENON Robotics Smart Delivery Solution

Focusing on Customization and Adapting to Various Complex Real-World Scenarios with Multi-Robot Cooperation and Technology Support

Robot+ with Vending Machines | Increase Room Revenue

Fact: on the supply side, Robot+ paired with vending machines provides extra revenue to hotels, while simultaneously lowering their operating cost. On the demand side, guests experience enhanced, 24-hour service, without needing to call reception or leave the comfort of their room. Consider that hotel kitchens often cannot provide 24-hour catering services, and due to inventory reasons, hotel merchandise sales are limited. Guests dining needs are often unpredictable, with late night snacks and drinks sometimes required. How do you solve this problem without requiring guests to leave their room in the middle of the night? Enter Robot+ vending machines. The availability of an on-demand, 24-hour light food and beverage service addresses all the aforementioned points, as well as giving guests privacy and security throughout the delivery of their purchased items.

Robot+ Elevator Control and Call Bell System | Enhance Delivery Efficiency

To solve the obvious questions most people have about robots being used in hotels, KEENON Robotics has partnered with KONE Elevator Group to build an API platform that enables robots to take elevators automatically and independently and has been successfully piloted at the Galen Science Park in Singapore. Thanks to a self-developed elevator call function, round-the-clock guest room delivery service can be offered without human intervention. KEENON robots are equipped with elevator IoT modules for multi-floor autonomous operation, and the call elevator function ensures accurate room delivery.

Through the KEENON Robotics cloud management platform, customers can monitor and adjust the operation status and route of their delivery robot in real-time. By using unmanned delivery solutions, hotels can significantly improve delivery efficiency and reduce the demand for delivery personnel. In the current climate of acute staff shortages, this allows existing hotel staff to improve productivity and to focus more on providing guests an enhanced, personalized guest experience.

Robot+ External Takeaway System | Elevate Guest Experience

KEENON Robotics has collaborated with well-known domestic takeaway platforms to integrate their delivery systems and realize unmanned delivery capabilities in hotel scenarios, effectively shortening the time for guests to receive their orders and strengthening the delivery efficiency of both takeaway provider and hotel.

For the delivery of takeout orders, delivery personnel only need to place the food within the easy-to-locate, designated robot and input their own mobile phone number on the robot screen to display all the delivery orders associated with the hotel. Then, they can enter the corresponding room number, and the robot will autonomously deliver the items to the designated room. This not only reduces the loss rate of food items, but also protects the privacy and safety of guests.

To improve delivery efficiency, KEENON Robotics has upgraded the robot from a single cabin to a double cabin (which can even be configured as four cabins, as required), improving delivery efficiency by up to 300%. KEENON robots can provide delivery services for guests across multiple floors and rooms in a single trip, significantly improving delivery efficiency during peak hours.

KEENON Robotics has already begun the worldwide digital upgrade of the hotel industry, having already launched a comprehensive market deployment. Whether it is in terms of product functionality, technical stability, or even scenario adaptability, KEENON robots are constantly upgrading themselves. Additionally, as a world-leader in service robots, KEENON is constantly pursuing user-centric innovation, empowerment, and is accelerating the digital transformation of the wider hotel industry to better help clients meet operational needs, address challenges, and build stronger businesses.

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