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Khao By Four Seasons At Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai Unveils Its Tea Room

Savour the best of Northern Thailand’s artisanal tea and coffee at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, while discovering the origin story behind each distinctive cup. Guests can enjoy their favourite blends and even add a touch of Thai magic to breakfasts back home.

Tea Story

The forest-friendly Monsoon Tea line captures the wild, exotic flavours of the hills of Northern Thailand. “Packaged exclusively for the Resort, these organic teas are grown among the forest and harvested by hill tribes – instead of being cultivated in plantations that cause deforestation,” explains Rohan Ogale, Director of Food and Beverage, “The free-grown leaves are infused with local fruits and florals, then wrapped in natural, unbleached bags.”

Rohan recommends dhara pure green tea, reflecting a deep character that comes from growing in harmony with native plants and herbs. “The aromatic infusions come in five tropical flavours: lychee, coconut, mango, passion fruit and jasmine,” he adds. Tea lovers can also sample Dilmah’s exclusive blends from Sri Lanka.

Coffee Connection

For coffee connoisseurs, the Resort sources three signature blends from Thailand’s local brand, Thai High Coffee. “We chose to partner with this brand for their strong sustainability efforts. They grow and roast pure arabica beans, while supporting the local community of farmers,” says Rohan about this collaboration.

In the Wild Honey Blend, half the beans are roasted in wild honey, yielding a balance of bitterness and acidity, marked by a hint of sweetness. The blend reflects the terroir beautifully, with notes of almond, dark chocolate, and jackfruit.

“We also have the Four Seasons Blend, made exclusively for the Resort,” says Rohan. This blend features a handpicked selection of different high-quality Arabica beans. “Expect a robust, aromatic cup of coffee!”

Another favourite is the Burgundy Wine Barrel Aged Coffee, where limited-production beans are roasted and aged in wine barrels from Burgundy to add a nutty, oaky nuance to the coffee. “This is another blend that is supplied exclusively to Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai,” reveals Rohan, “Guests can try these teas and coffees during breakfast or at the afternoon tea service at Khao and take back a little memory from our retail section. The coffees can be freshly ground according to their personal preference – coarse, medium, or fine – to make sure they are able to enjoy a delicious cup of Northern Thailand’s brews.”

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