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Khao By Four Seasons Presents An Authentic Flavour Of The Noodles Of Thailand At Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

As far as signature dishes go, Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand is well known for khao soi – a soupy noodle preparation influenced by Burmese and Laotian cuisines. Often served with gai or chicken, there’s an “authentic” khao soi in every household.

“We wanted to give our guests a flavour of other noodle recipes that are commonly eaten in Thailand,” says Anchalee Luadkham, Senior Thai Chef at the Michelin Guide listed Khao by Four Seasons at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai.

Featuring on both the lunch and dinner menus, these recipes are nuanced with flavours and textures that give guests a true experience of dining like a local. “There are many kinds of Thai noodles you can choose from when you dine at a local noodle stall. We wanted to bring that experience to our restaurant and give guests a truly Thai experience,” shares Anchalee.

Keeping It Local

Highlighted by fresh rice noodles, kanoom jeen narm ya pu is a southern-style yellow curry, flavoured with crabs that are sourced from the Rayong province of Thailand. “Razor ginger and basil leaves are used as the main ingredients,” she shares, “Most of our ingredients are sourced locally, giving each dish a seasonal flavour.”

Flavour of the streets

One of the most popular noodle dishes in Thailand, rad nar moo muak is made with fried ribbon noodles, served with marinated pork, sesame oil and mixed vegetables. The crispy flat rice noodles with fried egg in the middle makes this dish different from the regular rad nah, where the rice noodles are usually served soft,” says Anchalee who is at the forefront of innovation, without compromising the genuine flavours of the cuisine.

Cooking Techniques

Besides using locally sourced ingredients, Anchalee is also keen to explore various cooking styles. “To extract the flavour, we cook the ox cheeks with spices for more than four hours, until it becomes tender. Served with rice noodles in a soup, kuay tiew narm nua toon is one of my favourite dishes!” she smiles. Anchalee tosses egg noodles with garlic oil and serves the ba mee ped yang up with roast duck that is stewed with eight spices and braised for two to three hours.

Authenticity is Key

A hallmark of the menu at Khao at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is the authenticity that Anchalee brings to each dish on the menu. With a range of heirloom recipes, her menus highlight the key elements of dining in the region. “I always ensure that I use only the freshest of ingredients,” she affirms. The quality of produce shines through in sen mee pad pak kaset goong, where fried rice vermicelli noodles are combined with prawns and water mimosa. “The aroma of this dish with shrimp paste is unmistakably local!” she smiles, even as guests have to be sure to dodge the bird’s eye chillies that are a part of a typical Thai meal.

The dining experience can be reserved online or by calling 66 0 53 298 181. Guests can hop onto the complimentary shuttle service from Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center (12:15 pm, 3:15 pm and 6:15 pm) to enjoy lunch and dinner at Khao by Four Seasons.

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