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“KITCHEN REUNION” : Chef Som x Chef Fang at SOM’S TABLE, Hua Hin March 24th & 25th March 2022

Long time colleagues and friends, Chef “Som” Jutamas Theanate (Founder and Chef of SOM’S TABLE, Hua Hin) and Chef “Fang” Nattapong Norchoovech (Chef / TV Host), will reunite to cook together this March 24th and 25th of March 2022 at SOM’S TABLE for a menu reminiscent of their French Cuisine days but with twists and turns contributed by their respective journeys.<

It has been 16 years since Chang Fang was a Sous Chef working alongside Chef Som, who he admired as a great Chef, expressing “Who doesn’t want to cook with a great chef” when asked about why this reunion is happening. Chef Som, who was in awe of Chef’s Fang fresh talent when they first met, had said in return, “It is meaningful to me to have chances to cook with meaningful people in my life.”

The two have stayed in touch over the years, with a promise between them that there would be a Kitchen Reunion someday, however COVID-19 arrived.

After several postponements in plans, the world has begun to spin around again, allowing this Long Overdue Reunion to finally happen.

For 2 nights, the Chefs will create a delectable 7 course dinner at 2,700 THB ++ per head for a limited seating of lucky diners at Hua Hin’s hottest Seaside and Wine Restaurant, SOM’S TABLE in Hua Hin, Kao Tao Beach.

“We both love to cook French food. This set menu is basically what we did back when we first met. But expect some twist/technique from what we have learned in these past 16 years. It’s gonna be fun! (And of course delicious!)”. – Chef Fang 

“Cooking professionally can be an egotistical thing – I can be easily absorbed in my own world doing my own things. But cooking & sharing with people I like, I like to follow, and from being a follower, I always found incredible outcomes in each dish. I guess the fun part of this dinner is to dine without any expectations.” – Chef Som of SOM’S TABLE, Hua Hin 

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