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Launch Ceremony of “Let’s Unbox! 2022 Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition, Thailand Chapter”

Organised by Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA) and supported by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) as the Lead Sponsor – “Let’s Unbox! 2022 Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition, Thailand Chapter” (Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition) will take place from 9 to 18 September 2022 at centralwOrld Bangkok, Thailand.

A Launch Ceremony was held on 31 August (Wednesday) in Hong Kong to unveil the Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition in Bangkok. IEA was honoured to have Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, GBS, JP, Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism of the HKSAR as the Guest of Honour to officiate at the ceremony. Joining him were Mr. Victor Tsang, Head of CreateHK, Ms. Grace Tse, Chairman of IEA, and Mr. Johnson Chiang, Curator of the Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition, among other guests. Some of the exhibiting designers also brought their original art toys and shared their experience on the same occasion.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun-hung appreciated IEA’s effort to organise the Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR.

This is the first time that IEA leads local art toy designers visiting overseas by organising its first large scale exhibition in Thailand. The exhibition aims to provide Hong Kong art toy designers with promotion, brand exposure and possible business opportunities in overseas markets. It also aims to strengthen the leading position of Hong Kong art toy design in overseas, particularly in the “Belt and Road” and Southeast Asian countries.

It is the first-of-its-kind Hong Kong art toy exhibition in Thailand, designed under the “Let’s unbox” concept with four themed zones. Featuring 15 units of Hong Kong’s hottest and emerging art toy designers from different generations and their over 300 pieces of collectable original works spanning the past three decades, some of which are valuable museum-grade and auction-level art toy collections that are rare to view in the market, the exhibition allows the visitors in Bangkok to get a glimpse of the development and achievements of Hong Kong’s original art toys since 1990s.

It is widely recognised that art toys, which are now highly sought after by toy lovers around the world, were first launched by Hong Kong designer, Michael Lau in the 1990s and have since been promoted to designers all over the world. This Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition divides the public area of centralwOrld in Bangkok, Thailand into four zones, namely “Amazing Art Toy Zone“; “Brilliant Art Toy Zone“; “Classic Art Toy Zone” and “Discovery Zone” with super fun and fascinating installations including larger than life-size toy boxes, giant size toy capsule machine and photo-perfect human size figurines, etc. Together with other exhibits of precious photos and magazines featuring Hong Kong art toys of different generations, and a dedicated area for interactive photo-shooting with exhibiting Hong Kong art toys, the unboxing journey will immerse visitors in every glorious moment of Hong Kong art toy’s history.

In her speech at the Launch Ceremony, Ms. Grace Tse, Chairman of IEA, highlighted, “Despite the pandemic which has brought disruptions to most industries, IEA has not stopped in promoting the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Hong Kong. With the sponsorship from CreateHK, IEA is pleased to organize the first-time large scale art toy exhibition in Thailand, featuring 15 outstanding Hong Kong art toy brands to Thailand and have their extraordinary works showcased to overseas audience through the Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition. We look forward to showcasing Hong Kong’s unique art toy designs in more geographies, and bringing their brands to more markets in the Mainland and overseas to help them reach more buyers.”

The Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition is curated by Mr. Johnson Chiang, the former Chairman of The Hong Kong Society of Illustrators. He said, “Hong Kong has never been short of excellent illustrators, designers and toy makers. In fact, they have produced many classic trendy art toys that swept across the world. It is a rare opportunity for so many local art toy designers and their brands going overseas. This exhibition is a good demonstration of the world’s recognition of Hong Kong’s position as a leading hub for art toys.” He also hoped the exhibition can help acquaint more overseas toy lovers and general public with Hong Kong’s emerging art toy designers.

Four Zones of the Hong Kong Art Toy Story Exhibition

Amazing Art Toy Zone

(Zone A)

Features seven acclaimed Hong Kong art toy designers’ iconic works.

Brilliant Art Toy Zone

(Zone B)

Highlights eight brilliant Hong Kong art toy designers to showcase the surging creativity of the newest generation’s art toy brands. 

Classic Art Toy Zone

(Zone C)

Guides the visitors to discover the journey of Hong Kong art toys’ development from the 1990s with exhibits (some of which are museum- and auction-level collectibles) that are collector’s favourites of some forerunners of Hong Kong art toys, of the forerunners including “Amazing Twins”, “Brothersfree” and “Michael Lau”, etc.

Discovery Zone

(Zone D)


Participates by some of the exhibiting Hong Kong designers in person during the two weekends of the exhibition period in a series of extended activities, including talks, autograph sessions, and Art Battle, etc.

An AR interactive photography area connecting virtual and real scenes is also set up to add more interactive elements to the exhibition by inviting visitors to take photos with the exhibiting art toys and then share them on social media.

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