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Lenovo’s Tech Revolution: Shaping Future Education

Today at Bett Asia 2023, Lenovo™ showcased its comprehensive education solutions to empower students, faculty, staff and administrators for continuous digital transformation. Lenovo’s latest ecosystem of versatile hardware, software and services solutions  are specifically crafted to enrich teaching and learning,  facilitate innovative learning environments, and promote global citizenship and social justice.

Education is rapidly evolving due to the widespread integration of digital technologies in both classrooms and workplaces. Students are currently in the process of preparing themselves for future job opportunities and career paths that may not exist yet.  Emerging technologies such as connected and mobile devices, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, automation, and other tech trends are ushering in the era of Industry 4.0, requiring individuals to acquire novel skillsets. Lenovo is supporting schools on their digital transformation journey with strategic planning, professional development, teaching and learning resources, as well as new technology solutions.

“Lenovo is supporting end-to-end education transformation, creating a robust ecosystem of solutions that empower educators and inspire students in their journey towards the digital workforce of tomorrow”, said Khoo Hung Chuan, General Manager & Director of Education Transformation and Development, Lenovo Central Asia Pacific. “With our blended hardware, software and services solutions which are designed to inspire and enable learning anywhere, we foresee a future where every student is armed with the capabilities, and every teacher acts as the change-maker in the educational transformation. Our mission is not just to educate but to shape the next generation of digital professionals.”

Lenovo’s transformative technologies which are designed to enable innovation and collaboration in education showcases at Bett Asia 2023 include.

  • Lenovo EdVision program empowers teachers with solutions to transform classrooms into smart classrooms. The program provides teachers and students with smarter, more powerful tools to learn, collaborate, and create in a secure and trusted environment. The program combines classroom technology upgrades with complimentary training for educators to enhance their digital literacy and expertise, enabling schools to reap the full benefits of education technology.
  • Lenovo Hybrid Classroom offers a comprehensive solution of smarter collaboration technologies, allowing better connection between students and teachers in hybrid and virtual learning scenarios. This solution consists of ThinkSmart View Plus – a standalone collaboration display with premium audio, video, and whiteboarding features that runs on Microsoft Teams and ThinkSmart Core – computing device certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms – to increase productivity, flexibility and smarter collaboration in a hybrid learning environment.
  • Virtual and Immersive Lab that includes the ThinkReality VRX headset creates an immersive educational experience through engaging visuals, meaningful content, and explanatory audio that sparks a connection with each student. Open, flexible, and secure, Lenovo’s latest VR Classroom solution has everything needed to access, launch, and customize VR learning to enhance your curriculum. Educators can find—or create—great content, plan innovative lessons, and deeply engage students in immersive learning experiences. 
  • Lenovo’s software and services for educators and students provides educators and students the tools they need to meet their learning goals, while staying secure and working towards a more sustainable future. This comprehensive education solution includes LanSchool – Lenovo’s classroom management software that helps teachers to create more meaningful, one-on-one learning experiences with students both in the classroom and remotely, Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus – an AI-powered SaaS solution that identifies critical issues across a fleet of PCs and can give IT administrators more analytical tools to measure performance and gain deeper insights into the devices, improving the end-user experience. 
  • Lenovo BYOD for Education is designed to empower students and educators with best-in-class solutions powered by the Intel vPro® platform, Windows 11 and Lenovo’s services to create a vibrant virtual classroom where learning can take place without limits.

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