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“Living Relics”: Shaanxi’s History and Culture Amaze the World

Shaanxi carried out an online marketing campaign— “Living Relics”—on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from 17th to 21st May. During this campaign, “cultural relics” were placed in ancient environments, such as the “Western Zhou bronze mother and baby tigers” in the mountains and the “terra cotta senior officer” on the battlefield. The background of the cultural relics and the creative thinking behind them were perfectly presented. The charming cultural relics kept by major museums in Shaanxi Province and the profound historical, cultural accumulation of Shaanxi are demonstrated to overseas fans.

Visit Shaanxi launched the “Living Relics” campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where it introduced cultural relics of well-known museums in Shaanxi and historical stories about the cultural relics. The relics of Shaanxi were displayed to overseas fans in a more direct and more infectious manner with exquisite posters, which inspired the fans’ exploratory curiosity.

The marketing campaign lasted for five days, gaining over 5.1 million impressions and over 100,000 interactions in total. Though the campaign has come to an end, its impressions and interactions are still growing. This online campaign has brought the platforms closer to the fans and enriched the image of Shaanxi’s cultural tourism to its fans worldwide.

Cultural relics are not merely exhibits in the museum, they should be shown to the public with a more direct and more distinctive approach. By combining the rich historical and cultural deposits of Shaanxi and the media habits of overseas users, this “Living Relics” online event was an important effort to increase the global influence of Shaanxi’s cultural tourism brand. In the future, Shaanxi will continue operating its cultural tourism brand regularly, and actively explore new possibilities for its cultural tourism to go global. It will give full play to its deep historical and cultural foundation and let fans from all over the world to get to know and fall in love with Shaanxi with cultural relics as the bridge.

Source: Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

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