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LONGi Solar releases a whitepaper on the technical evolution behind the 10GW shipment milestone of LONGi bifacial modules

LONGi Solar, a world leading manufacturer of high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells and modules, releases a whitepaper on the technical evolution behind the 10GW shipment milestone of bifacial modules. The whitepaper provides a detailed review of the development history and milestones for the LONGi bifacial module.

Bifacial (“two-faced”) solar panels can capture solar power from both sides of the panel, increasing total energy generation and offering many advantages over traditional solar panels.   LONGi Solar carried out significant research into the mechanism of bifacial energy gain which indicated that in addition to receiving light reflected from the ground, the rear side of a bifacial module can also receive scattered light.  This research made an enormous contribution to the technology’s development and popularization.

Today LONGi Solar is one of the few companies offering bifacial modules in the solar cell industry, and one of only two companies to win the “High Achiever” award, based on the excellent performance of its modules in 18 indicators of reliability, performance and quality. The value of the bifacial module has been widely recognized by the industry under LONGi’s leading promotion, furthermore bifacial module has become a mainstream solar product for utility-scale PV plants with an ever-increasing market share.

Dennis She, Senior Vice President of LONGi Solar Thailand said, “The development of the LONGi bifacial module has always been focused on customer value, fully considering the balance of cost, energy yield and product reliability.”

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