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Maldivian Culture Unveiled at CROSSROADS

The Maldives is an aspirational destination where international travellers come to experience breath-taking beaches, beautiful lagoons and five-star hospitality at private island resorts. For many visitors however, the country’s rich culture has remained tantalizingly out of reach. Until now…

CROSSROADS Maldives, the Indian Ocean’s first and only multi-island, integrated development, is now helping curious explorers to uncover the authentic heritage, history and communities that make the Maldives such an intriguing place to visit. Nestled in the South Malé Atoll, overlooking the turquoise Emboodhoo Lagoon and just 15 minutes by speedboat from Velana International Airport, this is not only a destination for honeymooners and high-end tourists – it is also a place where transiting day trippers and Maldivian families come to unwind.

In contrast to many of the Maldives’ five-star resorts, this collection of idyllic islands promises a wealth of facilities for all types of traveller, including a public park, cultural centre and environmental hub. The Marina @ CROSSROADS is an 800-metre beach walk lined with restaurants, bars, retail boutiques, wellness centres, water sports and a 30-berth yacht marina. In addition to an array of international brands, shoppers can pick up traditional handicrafts at Authentic Maldives, a cooperative of Maldivian entrepreneurs promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development. Other local brands include Island Breeze, the lifestyle beachwear designer, Okean Marina, a fashion boutique, and Sky Studio, the professional photography company.

Opened earlier this year, the Bodumas Gallery is a haven for culture seekers and serves as a platform to showcase Maldivian artists, with regular exhibitions and collaborative pop-ups. And every Friday, The Marina @ CROSSROADS transforms into a vibrant Street Market, with a colourful collection of local retailers selling everything from accessories to snacks.

Fully immersive Maldivian dining can also be enjoyed at Kalhu Odi Restaurant, which weaves heritage into every aspect of its gastronomic journey. Each table represents one of the country’s coral atolls, seats are woven in the thundu kunaa design, and chefs prepare regional specialties such as masburi (grilled tuna marinated with a special spice paste), farumas riha (Maldivian curry in a thick coconut sauce), and theluli rehi (crispy fried bait fish infused with aromatic spices).

“The Maldives is at the crossroads of the world – an archipelago of paradise islands where, for centuries, the world’s seafarers came to meet, trade and exchange knowledge. Now, CROSSROADS Maldives is reviving this spirit of exploration by inviting globetrotters to come and discover the authentic essence of Maldivian culture. Whether you’re staying for a few hours, days or weeks, our one-stop, non-stop lifestyle destination will showcase the heart and soul of this enchanting country,” said Tolga Unan, Managing Director, Hard Rock Hotel Maldives and The Marina @CROSSROADS.

Rates start from USD 399 per night with breakfast at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives and from USD 365 per night with breakfast at SAii Lagoon Maldives, Curio Collection by Hilton.

To learn more about CROSSROADS Maldives and to book your cultural vacation, email concierge@crossroadsmaldives.com, call +960 665 1200 or visit www.crossroadsmaldives.com.

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