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Mango Tree Rolls Out Mango Tree Grab & Go At Busy Transport Hub in Thailand

Leading Asian restaurant operator, Mango Tree Worldwide, has launched an exciting new “Grab & Go” concept to provide diners with freshly-made Thai and International cuisine, perfectly in step with their busy modern lifestyles.

Developed specifically for major transport hubs such as airports and train stations, Mango Tree Grab & Go outlets will be able to serve large numbers of customers in a short space of time. These will not be typical fast food outlets however; like every Mango Tree restaurant worldwide, the Grab & Go outlets will focus on fresh, flavourful dishes prepared by in-house chefs using high-quality ingredients.

Mango Tree Grab & Go has already made its debut in Asia at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, bringing authentic Thai cuisine and healthy international selections to the 60 million-plus passengers who now travel through this global gateway every year. It also operates similar concepts at several major railway terminals in Japan with the brands Mango Tree Café and Mango Tree Kitchen , serving quality food with convenience in busy travel hubs.

“We live in a health-conscious age and travellers are no longer satisfied with fatty fast food; they demand healthy dishes prepared using natural ingredients, even when they’re on the move. Combining high-quality cuisine and convenient beverages with speedy service, our new Mango Tree Grab & Go concept will meet the needs of our customers’ fast-paced modern lives,” said Trevor MacKenzie, Mango Tree’s Global Managing Director.

“Thai cuisine is hugely popular all over the world, but Thai restaurants have been traditionally targeted at the evening meal market. At Mango Tree, we want to pioneer a new style of international Thai dining. Our strategy of developing Mango Tree Grab & Go outlets in high footfall areas like railway stations and airports will cater to a new wave of younger diners and commuters, who demand complete convenience without sacrificing quality.”

Mango Tree Grab & Go focuses on simplicity, with uncomplicated menus of classic Thai dishes that diners know and love, such as gaeng kiew wan (green curry chicken with rice) and phad gapao (chicken or pork with basil and rice), as well as healthy international options such as pastries, quinoa salads and paninis. A wide selection of beverages including freshly-brewed coffee, tea, fresh juices and soft drinks will also be available.

Every dish will be made by Mango Tree’s expert chefs using fresh herbs, vegetables and other ingredients, which will be sourced locally wherever possible. At least 30 percent of the menu items will be healthier options, and each outlet will also serve a selection of dishes to suit the specific needs of its local market.

While Mango Tree Grab & Go will be a standalone brand, the concept can also be replicated across many of the group’s existing brands, including Mango Tree Café and Mango Tree Kitchen. Mango Tree Grab & Go will be purely a takeaway concept, while other brands will offer a mix of dine-in and takeaway options. Mango Tree Café offers a varied dine-in menu featuring Thai favourites while Mango Tree Kitchen has a limited menu of classic Thai dishes and a seating area for a quick dine-in and takeaway options. All outlets will have a small footprint of just 40-60 square metres, making them ideal for transport hubs with limited space and high footfall.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Asia Pacific’s airports will see a staggering 1.8 billion additional annual passengers by 2035, and regional rail transport is also rising fast – especially with the launch of new high-speed trains in many Asian countries. As such, the new Grab & Go concept will play a significant role in Mango Tree’s global expansion plans in the coming years, as the company strives to bring high-quality, healthy Thai and Asian cuisine to all diners, wherever in the world they travel.

Following the launch of Mango Tree’s inaugural Grab & Go outlet at Suvarnabhumi Airport, the company is on track to achieve its target of operating 100 restaurant outlets worldwide by 2025.

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