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Mastercard and ASEAN Inspire Passion for Travel with the “Feel the Warmth” Campaign

Mastercard and ASEAN National Tourism Organizations (ASEAN NTOs) have joined forces to promote Southeast Asia through a campaign that celebrates the region’s beautiful geography, rich culture and heritage sites, as well as the gracious hospitality that is hallmark of its residents. ‘Feel the Warmth’ is a two-year partnership that encourages travelers to embrace curated experiences that transform even fleeting holidays into life-enriching memories.

Southeast Asia has the distinction of being home to six of the top ten travel destinations in the world[1]. From entry to world famous landmarks, to local gastronomic fare, nature adventures, and shopping expeditions, Mastercard’s broad network of partners and merchants will offer insider access to stunning landscapes and the tapestry of diverse traditions in Southeast Asia.

The campaign also aims to boost inbound travel from China, India and Australia, as well as promote travel across key intra-ASEAN corridors. As one of the fastest growing tourism regions in the world, Southeast Asia also attracted some of the highest spending visitors who visited major tourist destinations as well as lesser-known locations.

“This is a great opportunity for our 10 member states to celebrate Southeast Asia as the world’s fastest growing tourism destination,” said Benito C. Bengzon, Undersecretary, Philippines Department of Tourism, who is also Chair of ASEAN Tourism Marketing Partnership Working Group. “By partnering with Mastercard and featuring convenient and secure ways to pay cross-border, we’re delivering on our vision of creating a cohesive ASEAN economy and sharing the vast array of exciting experiences with travelers from every corner of the world.”

Framing the Southeast Asian Travel Opportunity

Mastercard’s Priceless Cities program will be an integral part of this campaign, making it easier for people to discover new experiences and make the most of their adventures. The Priceless.com platform offers a plethora of experiences in top cities so consumers can eat, shop, stay and play in line with their passions.

Mastercard’s transaction insights also indicate that visitors to Southeast Asian destinations are exploring new destinations outside of established tourist hotspots.

“Southeast Asia offers a treasure trove of opportunity and experiences for businesses and consumers, and Mastercard’s collaboration with the ASEAN Tourism Board will give travelers even more reason to immerse themselves in the region’s dynamic environment,” said Audrey Yeo, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Southeast Asia, Mastercard. “Mastercard understands that as consumers embark on their adventures across the region, they want convenience and peace of mind as they stay, shop, eat and play. Mastercard’s world-class technology and broad acceptance in digital payments means travelers have a seamless and frictionless way to pay for their priceless experiences.”

In addition to acceptance at over three million merchants in the region, travelers can also use their Mastercard cards to pay for local travel and small purchases. For example, Mastercard contactless credit, debit and prepaid cards can be used to pay for buses and trains in Singapore, as well as e-payments at convenience stores in Thailand and taxi apps across Southeast Asia.

Mastercard’s partnership with the ASEAN NTOs builds on an earlier collaboration between the two organizations, the Visit ASEAN@50: Golden Celebration, which brought together tourism partners and the global Priceless Cities program to strike a universal chord with consumers across different countries, languages and cultures.

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