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Mazda launches ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30 “Life’s always on” the Crossover SUV that enriches your lifestyle

Mazda moves forward to be the leader in SUVsegment with the launch of ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30 under the slogan “LIFE’S ALWAYSON” to fulfill its CX Series. The model embodies Mazda’s KODO design concept,“Less is More”- and comes with the GVC PLUS and SKYACTIV-G 2.0-liter engine thatresponses best in the SUV segment with 165 horsepower offeringprecise control and balance and full with safety technology. The selling price started below 1 Million Baht withfree 1-year Mazda premium insurance and 5-year Extended Warranty/150,000Km.** 1.99%interest rate. It is also available to reserve online via SKY BOOKING.

ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30 that comes with theslogan “LIFE’S ALWAYS ON” is a Crossover SUV that will come to fulfill your lifestyle and enableyou for any changes in every stage of life as well as to assist you to discovernew things in your surroundings and enhance the value in life. The unique, meticulousdesign like fine art is under Mazda’s concept “Less is More” but stillrepresent its Sleek and Bold design. Additionally,it allows you to experience the new aspects fromelectric sunroof, ample and comfortable cabin that meets all needs and make youfeel confident in all road conditions with a further safety technology andperformance that unite between you and your car.

Mr. Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said, “SUV segment is the third largest market behind pick up and city car. In 2019, this segment contained an accumulated sales of 146,560 units (including PPV) while SUV itself had 86,000 units and Mazda SUV sales were 5,736 units in total. In 2020, Mazda expected that the sale volume in this segment will rise to 150,000 units (including PPV). Mazda sets the target of 18,000 units of all Mazda SUV models this year or increase by 200%. This will enable Mazda to become the leader in this segment similar to the success of Mazda2 that became the leader in sub-compact and city car segment. With the SKYACTIV technology that comes with elegant and meticulous design, I believe that ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30 will change Thai customer’s behavior to purchase more of Crossover SUV, same as in many other countries.”

“For automotiveindustry in 2019, the sales reached 1,007,000 units which slightly decreasedaround 3% when compared with 2018’s sales, which a total sale of 1,041,000units while Mazda had 58,129 units in total sales. Mazda expects that totalindustry volume in 2020 will decrease slightly around 5-10% to 920,000-940,000units and Mazda sales target is 60,000 units in this year.”

“Thoughthere are no positive factors stimulating the market, Mazda believes that thesituation will be improved. According to the first 2 months of 2020(January-February), the total sales of automotive industry was around 140,000units and Mazda’s sales was7,000 units in total. By considering in eachsegment, we found that the SUV is continue to increase because of its multi-purposethat can respond to various customer’s needs.” Mr. Chanchai added.

“In 2019,Mazda focused on enhancing Crossover SUV product lineup by introducing New MazdaCX-3 Exclusive MODS – the uniquely special model that offers the owner’s outstandingand self-esteem to the market, followed by New Mazda CX-5, the SUV that offersthe three best engines in its class including the newly introduced SKYACTIV-G 2.5-literTurbo engine. Mazda has also created the new standard for family vehicle withthe introduction of ALL-New Mazda CX-8, the best premium 3-Rows Crossover SUV inthe market that is outstanding by its comfort based on Passenger Car platform.Since the launch of CX-8 in Nov 2019, CX-8’s sales have reached more than 1,000units.”

Mr. Chanchai also added that “the launch ofALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30 today is to create a new standard, to offer the best optionsto customer and to fulfill Mazda’s SUV product line that add up to 4 models, includingCX-3, CX-30, CX-5 and CX-8. We want Mazda vehicle tofulfill customer’s daily life, to be a life partner, and to create the bondswith Mazda brand in a long run.”

“One of Mazda’s strategy in 2020 is tobecome the leader in Crossover SUV Segment and be able to respond to customer’sneeds in all. The launch of ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30 will fulfill Mazda’s CX series,in which the CX represents Sports Crossover to become more perfect.”

Mr. Thee Permpongpanth, Vice President of Marketing and Government Affairssaid, Mazda intends to clearly position each of our product in the market. ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30, “Life’s always on” is the vehicle that will fulfill and inspire customer to make new discoveries and ready for new opportunities by seeking and experiencing new things. As people transition from one life stage to the next i.e., from a single to married and continue to have a small family, they spend time together on road to discover new things. The size of ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30 is between the CX-3 and CX-5 which will benefit the vehicle to be vigorous and dynamic while having a great visibility as a Crossover SUV. With SKYACTIV-G 2.0-liter engine, it enables CX-30 to respond instantly and precisely, also provide decent driving performance while offers fuel efficiency and environmental-friendliness. ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30 is compatible with E85, provide maximum 165 horsepower at 6,000 RPM, maximum 213 Nm of torque at 4,000 RPM while the fuel economy is at 15.4 km/liter*.

ALL-NEWMAZDA CX-30 is Mazda’s first Crossover SUV model, based on Mazda latestgeneration product, that featured with KODO: Soul of Motion design concept andwas developed in pursuit of automotive styling as a workpiece of art and apowerful sense of dynamism to achieve the most alluring, sleek and bold underthe concept “Less is More” from the exterior design to passenger cabin. Bothdriver and passenger will perceive the meticulous feeling and high-qualitymaterial used to lift up the standard of the Crossover SUV market in Thailandwith these elegant, quiet and comfortable cabin in every inch from driver topassenger while providing safety throughout the driving.

ALL-NEWMAZDA CX-30 features a new platform “SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture” that hasbeen designed based on human-centric philosophy which provides safety todriver, passenger and every road user. It is also equipped with G-VectoringControl Plus (GVC Plus) that smartly and electronically utilize the enginetorque to support the vehicle at cornering in relation with the steeringcontrolled by the driver. Also utilize a breaking force to the specific wheel,providing a stabilizing moment that helps smoothly restore the vehicle tostraight line and improve road grip. The system realizes consistently smoothtransition that enhance the vehicle’s ability to accurately track suddensteering inputs of the 4 wheels. The GVC Plus will help driver to control thevehicle easily and naturally and this will reduce the tiredness anduncomfortable feeling during the ride.

Mazda continues to pass on the elegant lookof interior by using premium grade materials meticulous design in every element.The passenger cabin has been designed by Human Centric Philosophy, the seatthat helps maintain the natural human S-shaped curve of the spinelike smooth walking. Steering wheel and gas pedal have been perfectly positionedto offer a sense of unity between driver and vehicle including the function,layouts in the cabin that allows driver to focus confidently on the road aheadwhich provides comfort and safety.

ALL-NEWMAZDA CX-30 provides more comfortable with a 10-ways electric power adjustmentwith 2 memory settings of driver’s seat, the dashboard features a TFT LCDscreen and the head-up display on the windscreen keeps driver’s eyes fixed onthe road. The updated Mazda Connect infotainment system now comes with AppleCarPlay while information is displayed on a widescreen 8.8-inch monitor, plusthe Center Commander knob, again allowing the driver to keep eyes on the roadwhile making adjustments. Onboard entertainmentis enhanced by Bose(R) audio system with surround function and 12 speakers. Cabinnoise has been minimized further to accommodate passenger. The CX-30 alsofeatures with Power sunroof, Auto Dual Zone with rear vent air-conditioningsystem with air rear ventilation, 60:40 rear seat fold-down backrest types and powerliftgate to facilitate passenger.

ALL-NEWMAZDA CX-30 offers 12 outstanding safety performance system with i-ACTIVSENSEtechnology that has been researched and developed to prevent the accident onroad.

  • 360 ?View Monitor
  • ABSM (Advanced Blind SpotMonitoring)
  • RCTA (Rear Cross TrafficAlert)
  • MRCC (Mazda Radar CruiseControl)
  • CTS (Cruising & TrafficSupport)
  • Advanced SBS (Advanced SmartBrake Support)
  • SBS-R (Smart BrakeSupport-Reverse)
  • SBS-RC (Smart Brake Support-Rear Crossing)
  • ALH (Adaptive LED Headlamps)
  • LAS (Lane-keep Assist System)
  • LDWS (Lane Departure WarningSystem)
  • DAA (Driver Attention Alert)

ALL-NEWMAZDA CX-30 provided 7 airbags that are front, curtain, front side and driver’sseat knee airbags to promptly prevent driver and passengers from accident.

ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30 offers 7 exterior colors

  • Soul RedCrystal
  • MachineGray
  • PolymetalGray
  • SnowflakeWhite Pearl
  • SonicSilver
  • Jet Black
  • DeepCrystal Blue

ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30’s prices

  • ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30 2.0 C 989,000 THB
  • ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30 2.0 S 1,099,000 THB
  • ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30 2.0 SP        1,199,000 THB

Interested customers can reserve ALL-NEW MAZDA CX-30 online today via https://skybooking.mazda.co.th/

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