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Mei Jiang Unveils New Cantonese Delights at The Peninsula!

Following the successful launch of a new chapter in the culinary journey of classic Cantonese cuisine, Chinese Executive Chef Ho King Yip, Victor, unveils enticing new menu highlights at Mei Jiang Restaurant in The Peninsula Bangkok.

The revamped Mei Jiang menu showcases a fusion of locally sourced and international ingredients, bringing an elevated twist to traditional Cantonese dishes. Embracing the cherished family-style sharing tradition, guests are invited to indulge in an exquisite array of authentic Cantonese Chinese cuisine, including sumptuous offerings like Sichuan Style Quinoa Snow Fish Fillet with Turnip and Golden Fish Dumpling in Pickled Vegetable Sauce, which was created created and debuted at the Bangkok Chef Charity 2024 by Chef Lam Yuk Ming, the Executive Chinese Chef from one of Hong Kong’s most celebrated Chinese restaurants, the Michelin-starred Spring Moon.

The new delectable menu highlights also include Double-Boiled Chrysanthemum Soup with Bamboo Fungus, Braised South African Whole Abalone in Abalone Sauce, Steamed Black Crab Claw, Egg White, Chinese Yellow Wine, Fried Mantis Shrimp with Chili Salt and Spicy Garlic, Pan-Fried Grouper Fillet with Supreme Sauce, Wok-Fried Japanese A3 Wagyu Beef with Dried Chili, Green Asparagus, and Cashew Nuts in Black Pepper Sauce and Minced Wagyu Beef with Orzo Pasta and X.O. Sauce in a Clay Pot.

Mei Jiang also opens for lunch everyday features exquisite flavours of our exclusive dim sum varieties. All can be paired with artisanal teas, including a selection of premium teas sourced from Thailand, the wider region, and China. The Peninsula Bangkok invites guests and food enthusiasts to experience the magic of Chef Victor’s creations at Mei Jiang Restaurant, where he will continue to elevate the culinary offerings with his signature style and passion for Cantonese cuisine.

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