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Monday, February 26, 2024

Melco’s Lawrence Ho joins Simple Acts of Kindness 2.0

Melco Resorts & Entertainment’s Simple Acts of Kindness 2.0 initiative brings warmth and care to the local community. Mr. Lawrence Ho, Chairman & CEO of Melco and Dr. Kent Wong, Melco’s Chief Advisor were joined by dozens of volunteers in a visit to Macao Federation of Trade Union (FAOM) Coloane Ka Ao Elderly Nursing Home. The volunteers were welcomed by FAOM Chairman, Mr. Lee Chong Cheng; Dean of Ka Ho Nursing Home, Ms. Ung Vai Ha and Deputy Dean, Ms. Lau Wing Sze. After appreciating Melco volunteers’ performances for the elderly beneficiaries, Mr. Ho participated in a board game with the seniors, learning first-hand how the game helps to exercise their cognitive skills.

After the visit, Mr. Ho and the volunteers went to Hak Sa Beach to help at a cleanup – clearing rubbish and debris. Mr. Lawrence Ho, Chairman & CEO of Melco, said, “As a company that was born in Macau, it is crucial to give back to the community. When the pandemic hit in 2020, we launched ‘Simple Acts of Kindness’ to encourage colleagues to participate in volunteerism. In 2020, over 8000 colleague participants have taken part in volunteering, it makes me proud to see that in 2021, that number has doubled to over 16,000. I wish to thank all the colleagues who have participated, as well as our community partners.”

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