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Michelin 1-Star Khao Offers Tasting Menu in their Second Bangkok Branch

Before the year came to a close, we accepted an invitation to lunch at Khao, in their newest branch. We agreed and what an epicurean odyssey it was. We look back now with much reflection on that serene afternoon…

Khao’s second branch is located on the leafy alley of Soi Tonson (a short walk away from BTS SkyTrain Chidlom). Diners can choose the tasting menu that they desire and it is even better if you book in advance. Four sets are available starting from 950 Baht.

We tried their top menu which was 2,300 Baht. The starter was presented ready for your special photo moment. Each of the bite-size rice dumplings has a story behind them, and the restaurant manager will happily share it with you. The picturesque starter medley set the mood for the luncheon. Ohh, and the pandanus with aloe vera drink came highly recommended!

Next up was a serving of crispy rice noodles, pomelo salad with prawn and deep-fried prawn and squid patty. The spicy grilled beef salad after that was a masterful dish. A worldly union of Australian beef and seedless grapes! A nod to how we pair red wines with beef. This is one dish we will return for.

A choice of two soups, both equally refreshing, was served hot. The spicy & sour curry soup with river prawns had subtle gentle notes of tamarind and a host of other flavors – a good alternative to the standard Tom Yum. The Northern Thai clear soup with prawn saw matrimony of sweet basil and lemon basil, intertwined over several other vegetables. Freshness delivered – in a bowl. A very beautiful bowl as well…

Before long, the servers brought out the main dishes for sharing. In line with traditional meals in Thai homes, there is a dish for everyone here: to cater to the varied palate and taste. The crab curry with betel leaves was so aromatic. Some fish sauce and a bowl of rice, and that could be lunch on any day!

The second main we tried was the garlic fried squids, simple enough yet it packed a punch. We were already torn trying to choose between the crab curry and this. The catfish with red curry paste provided the fiery notes while the spicy crab roe dip was served with freshly cut vegetables. It was like a garden on a plate. The steamed cabbage with shiitake mushrooms was so soft and textural contrast to the rest, in a really good way.

Like the ascending bars of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, this lunch crescendoed to a moment. An ode to culinary joy, the lamb shank massaman curry was the wow moment for us today. It was indeed, a dish so beautiful…

Khao is renowned for its dessert menu. It features over 20 items and most of them are classic recipes recreated with an innovative twist. For this tasting menu, we had the privilege to sample three distinctive creations. Once again, we were completely impressed and concluded that coming for dessert itself is a must.

Khao (Ekkamai home branch) recently retained their Michelin One Star for the year 2021. They won their first Michelin Star in 2020. The consecutive win now is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the group led by Khun Pradinan Arkarachinores.

The entire team at their second branch have all trained meticulously in the main Homebase and thus consistency is assured. Khao Ploenchit is open every day with lunch from 11.00 – 14.00 and dinner from 18:00. Book a table at 093 505 0055.

Parking available. Follow their dining news on FB and IG @Khao

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