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Millennium Hilton Bangkok Unveils New Executive Chef, Matthias Mittnacht to Elevate Dining Experience

A New Culinary Maestro at Millennium Hilton Bangkok! Get ready to indulge in an elevated dining journey along the enchanting riverside, as Chef Matthias brings his exceptional expertise to our iconic riverside hotel.

Chef Matthias Mittnacht’s Journey

Hailing from Bavaria, Germany, Chef Matt’s culinary voyage commenced within the nurturing ambiance of his family’s hospitality realm. Their ownership of a quaint hotel and two restaurants laid the initial bricks of his gastronomic journey. From his early days in Michelin Star restaurants in Spain to the refinement of luxury Swiss hotels, his prowess matured, leading him to attain a master’s degree in culinary arts by the youthful age of 25.

Yet Chef Matt’s journey wasn’t solely confined to kitchens. With a blend of innovation and business acumen, he steered his family’s enterprise into the modern era while securing a coveted spot on Elle Bistro’s esteemed list. Following a call within he sharpened his culinary repertoire in awarded dining venues and international luxury hotels in Basel, Switzerland, Berlin, Cyprus and Kiev before arriving to Asia in 2012. Chef Matt made his mark by creating culinary experiences in Koh Samui, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, and most recently in Bali, where he catered to the world’s elite during the G20 Summit in November 2022. With expertise honed over 8 years in Thailand, highlighted by an appearance on an episode of the ‘LOST RECIPE’ series and a role as a guest judge on the ‘IRONCHEF THAILAND’ 2019 episode, Chef Matt’s return to his roots is symbolised by his immersion within the Millennium Hilton Bangkok.

New Exciting Journey at Millennium Hilton Bangkok, Thailand

Get ready for a thrilling debut of two unique concept restaurants. Along the Chao Phraya River, a new riverside bar and beer garden offers a captivating blend of modern and retro art, live music, and creatively reimagined comfort classics. Experience the harmonious fusion of sports, socialising, and culinary delights. Moreover, the urban modern nuevo flame-cooked kitchen presents carefully crafted dishes, perfectly paired with classic drinks and wines, all showcased in the central show kitchen for the ultimate social gatherings.

With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, Chef Matthias emerges as a seasoned culinary professional who infuses a dynamic essence into his role as Executive Chef. His illustrious career has seen him refine his craft within renowned kitchens worldwide. Chef Matthias’s reputation is built on his innovative gastronomic creations, unwavering commitment to locally sourced ingredients, and an unyielding pursuit of culinary excellences. These qualities position him to usher in captivating dimensions to the culinary scene of Millennium Hilton Bangkok.Fusing influences from global trends and local flavours, Chef Matthias’s culinary vision is centred on fashioning a diverse array of dining experiences that cater to the tastes of both discerning visitors and the local community. Endowed with leadership acumen and an innate creative flair, he is poised to elevate Millennium Hilton Bangkok’s dining establishments to unprecedented heights, further solidifying the hotel’s distinction as a culinary haven nestled in the heart of vibrant Bangkok.

“Having Matthias on board is a source of great excitement for us,” exclaimed Tim Tate, the General Manager at Millennium Hilton Bangkok. “His exceptional culinary expertise and extensive experience, combined with his fervor for crafting inventive and delectable dishes, make us elated. We hold every confidence that he will take the dining experience at Millennium Hilton Bangkok to unparalleled heights.”

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