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Ministry of Crab to Thrill Thai Market with Tom Yum Crab

After the successful launch of Ministry of Crab Bangkok last December, chef Dharshan Munidasa is set to impress diners with a new Tom Yum inspired crab dish.

Available exclusively at the Bangkok outpost, ‘Tom Yum Crab’ sees fresh ingredients such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and galangal combined for a fragrant and tangy sauce, which resembles a curry, more than a soup, in its texture. Diners can enjoy it with their selection of fresh mud crab, which ranges from 500g ‘small’ crabs to 2kg

‘Tom Yum Crab’ was introduced by chef Dharshan, an avid visitor to Thailand for over 20 years, who wanted to create a version of the soup unlike any other. While the dish bears little resemblance to the traditional Thai soup, it is nevertheless packed with the same classic flavours, that Tom Yum is recognized for.

Chef Dharshan’s latest creation adds a local twist to a menu that celebrates the finest seafood. Ministry of Crab only serves wild-caught mud-crab, sourced from Thailand, and surrounding countries including Sri Lanka, and practices unique serving and plating styles in their signature dishes such as Pepper Crab and Garlic Chilli Crab.

‘Tom Yum Crab’ is available from February 2020.

The restaurant is open for dinner from Tuesday-Sunday 6pm -11.30pm (last seating at 10pm) and open for lunch on Weekends 11.30am – 2pm.

Restaurant information:
Ministry of Crab, Bangkok
Located in Sam-ed Building, Sukhumvit 31

Website: www.ministryofcrab.com/bangkok
Tel: 098-598-6554
Email: Reservations.bkk@ministryofcrab.com

FB: ministryofcrabbangkok
IG: ministryofcrab.bkk

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