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Minor Food introduces “Green Delivery” food delivery service, the first to use electric motorcycles for food delivery under The Pizza Company 1112, piloting in Bangkok first

The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited grows its business alongside demonstrating social and environmental responsibility.

In line with a global trend to care for the environment, the company aims to reduce its carbon emissions along with the rest of the world, as the government and the private sector are actively pushing clean energy initiatives. Recently, The Pizza Company 1112, the leader of food delivery in Thailand, will use electric motorcycles to strengthen its business with “Green Delivery” in order to reduce air pollution and protect the environment. Delicious food will be delivered to customers using electric motorcycles, so customers can do their part in saving the world with every order via any platform such as The Pizza Company 1112 app, call center 1112, and website www.1112.com. The first phase will pilot in Bangkok, with an aim to offer delivery services using electric motorcycles nationwide in the future, responding to its commitment to reduce CO2 emission by 700,000 kg in the next five years.

Kitticharn Kongpan, AVP of Operation – Delivery Business, The Pizza Company, said that The Pizza Company has been in the food and service business for more than two decades, offering food delivery services to customers. The strength of the business is its strong delivery service, which is fast and reliable, true to the brand’s standard. This has won the heart of consumers all these years. At the same time, the company is also committed to giving back to the society through its environmental and social responsibility as well as ESG values, in line with Minor International Public Company Limited’s philosophy. Responding to a global environment trend, the company is on track to carbon neutrality and has set a goal to achieve Net Zero in 2050. Throughout its history, the company has conducted its business with responsibility while ensuring excellence in its food and services for its consumers.

Recently, to reduce pollution, the company has launched “Green Delivery” to introduce electric motorcycles to strengthen its delivery services. The Pizza Company, a food business under Minor Food, is the most successful in food delivery, and has generated more than 2 billion baht in sales through the food delivery channel. The project also aims to increase efficiency and to reaffirm its commitment to reduce 700,000 kg of CO2 emission in the next five years, as well as to respond to the government’s clean energy initiative to reduce environmental impact.

“The electric motorcycles that we will use to deliver our food have been designed and manufactured by Storm (Thailand), a well-recognized electric bike company focusing on reducing air pollution. We will use these electric motorcycles to delivery food from The Minor Food restaurants so that we can transition from fuel to clean energy which is more environment friendly. Food delivery using electric motorcycles will begin in Bangkok, and we plan to expand to other areas in the future to cater to our consumers. We will also introduce other environment-friendly initiatives in our food delivery and other aspects of our business so that we can become a leading organization that cares about the environment and clean energy for a sustainable future,” said Kitticharn. 

Patt Pongwittayapipat, General Manager of 1112 Delivery, The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited, said, “The design of The Pizza Company electric motorcycles ensures efficient delivery with durable battery life to allow them to run a long distance. From our test, each electric motorcycle can deliver 14 orders per charge, or 120-150 km, and there is a backup battery so the rider can switch to a new one without waiting for the battery to recharge. Additionally, the size of the vehicle is designed to perfectly suit the food box in the back to ensure convenience and easy of use when our riders are on the road.  We also offer road-side assistance in case of emergency. We are ready to offer a sustainable option in food delivery for our customers, focusing on efficient use of resources. We also improve our logistic technology based on sustainability as our priority is social and environmental sustainability while also taking care of our consumers.”

“Using electric motorcycles for food delivery under The Pizza Company not only reduces carbon emission but also allows our consumers who order food via our delivery service to contribute to sustainability. At the same time, it helps our riders reduce their fuel expenses by switching to rechargeable battery. Electric motorcycles are also easier to maintain, and all of the electric motorcycles have been tested to ensure they meet our standards,” said Patt

For more details, contact Line: Thepizzacompany1112 and Facebook: The Pizza Company 1112 Lovers.

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