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Montara’s Dutch Chef Duo Raise the Bar for Sustainable Fine Dining in Phuket

At Jampa, chef Rick Dingen uses live fire cooking to elevate his farm to fork cuisine.Phuket, a renowned Thai island paradise, has gained acclaim for its thriving culinary scene thanks to its two MICHELIN-starred restaurants: PRU and Jampa. Behind these dining venues are two Dutch chefs, Jimmy Ophorst and Rick Dingen, who have elevated sustainable cuisine to a whole new level.

At PRU, located in the exclusive Trisara resort, Ophorst leads the only venue in Phuket with a MICHELIN star. PRU’s philosophy, represented by its name (Plant. Raise. Understand.), focuses on sourcing Thai ingredients and transforming them into gourmet creations with both Eastern and Western inspirations. All of the ingredients are 100% sourced from within Thailand, with much of the organic produce grown at the 16,000 sqm Pru Jampa organic farm.

The chefs source many ingredients for their restaurants from the 16,000sqm Pru Jampa farm.
The chefs source many ingredients for their restaurants from the 16,000 sqm Pru Jampa farm.

Meanwhile, Dingen oversees Jampa, which follows a philosophy of “local ingredients, live fire, and zero-waste cuisine” at Tri Vananda, a US$182 million wellness community in northern Phuket. Jampa is setting itself apart as a rising star in Thailand’s culinary scene with its hyper-local, plant-focused, zero-waste cuisine. Many of the ingredients are sourced from the Pru Jampa organic farm, and Dingen is committed to making Jampa the first venue in Phuket to achieve a zero-waste-to-landfill ratio.

The success of both PRU and Jampa aligns with the “Dine Good, Do Good” concept of Montara Hospitality Group, which prioritizes sustainability and eco-friendliness in all its F&B outlets. Montara also owns Trisara and Tri Vananda, emphasizing their commitment to promoting a sustainable food ecosystem.

Ophorst and Dingen were recognized at the MICHELIN Guide Thailand Star Revelation 2023, with PRU retaining its 1 MICHELIN Star and MICHELIN Green Star, and Jampa earning a MICHELIN Green Star for its zero-waste, plant-based food. The two chefs share a desire to promote a seasonal, sustainable food ecosystem without compromising creativity.

As chefs, they are passionate about showcasing locally sourced, seasonal ingredients in the best possible way. Sustainability is the heart of their business, integral to their restaurants and their lives. They aim to break down their kitchen waste to ensure nothing goes to landfill, exerting an absolutely minimal impact on the earth.

In conclusion, Montara’s Dutch Chef Duo has put Phuket on the map for eco-conscious fine dining, setting new standards for sustainable cuisine. Their philosophy and innovative approach to cooking have earned them recognition from the prestigious MICHELIN Guide, showcasing how culinary creativity and sustainability can go hand in hand. As consumers, we have the power to support such environmentally responsible practices by patronizing these establishments and making eco-conscious choices in our daily lives.




Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)






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