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MOU Signing for Bottling and Distribution of South Africa’s KWV Wines for Distribution in ASEAN

Marvel Beverage and Events Co.Ltd and BHI Holding Public Co. Ltd, signed an MOU for bottling and distribution of KWV products in Thailand and the rest of ASEAN. The signing ceremony took place at the South African Embassy in Bangkok.

Mr Karel de Lange CEO of Marvel Beverage and Events Co Ltd, Business Partner KWV Indochina commented, “By bottling in the new Chachoengsao Thailand plant, which BHI plan to have operational by April, is located east of Bangkok, providing KWV with an enormous marketing advantage.

“Apart from bottling our wine from South Africa,  the new build plant will also give us an ASEAN tax advantage so we will be targetting the ten ASEAN countries and China.  We plan to introduce beer, wine (750 ml and 375 ml bottles), bottled water, RTDs (ready to drink wine products) and duty free shops throughout ASEAN, plus a wine restaurant chain for Thailand,” he said.

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