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MQDC helps hospitals in China with COVID-19 disaster relief through MQDC China

MQDC, the leading Thailand-based property developer focusing on its key mission of “For All Well-Being”, has donated and delivered food supplies totaling about CNY 1 million (THB 5 million) through MQDC China to help staff at hospitals in China’s Hubei province, the region worst hit by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The initiative provided supplies in February to medical teams working long hours to treat COVID-19 victims and stop the virus spreading.

MQDC CEO Mr. Visit Malaisirirat said the company wished to thank and help all those battling the outbreak by providing food supplies totaling about CNY1 million (THB 5 million) through MQDC China.

“MQDC honors the brave and dedicated medical professionals around the world who are meeting the challenge of COVID-19 with such courage and dedication,” he said.

“We are eager to play our part and will seek further ways to provide meaningful help and convey society’s gratitude to the teams helping defend us all. Under its philosophy of ‘For All Well-Being’ MQDC is committed to helping communities and defending the natural world.”

The COVID-19 outbreak originated in the city of Wuhan in Hubei province, which has experienced most of infections and fatalities worldwide.

Ms. Wadee Kripanan, Senior Vice President of Business Management at MQDC, said the initiative was coordinated with medical authorities to provide the best support.

“In response to their requests, MQDC China have supplied rice and tins of meat donated by CP Food Enterprise (Chengdu),” she said.

“MQDC China have so far delivered supplies to 5 hospitals. In Wuhan, we have helped Tongji Hospital, affiliated with Tongji Medical College of HUST, and Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital. In the city of Huanggang, we have helped the Wuxue First People’s Hospital. In Xiaogan, we have assisted the First People’s Hospital and Central Hospital.”

Ms. Zhang Donghua, chairman of the labor union of Xiaogan Center Hospital of Hubei, said the food supplies would help frontline teams continue their successful efforts to counter the virus.

“We are humbled to receive this support from MQDC China and thank MQDC and MQDC China and the people of Thailand for their compassion and practical assistance,” she said.

About Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC)Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) is a property developer that develops, invests in, and manages residential, community district, and ‘theme’ projects, including retail and hotels, with a corporate commitment ‘For All Well-Being’.

MQDC brands include Magnolias, Whizdom, The Aspen Tree, Mulberry Grove, and The Forestias, catering for a range of healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

The company provides an industry-leading 30-year warranty on its residential units in line with its exceptional construction standards.

Under its philosophy of ‘sustainnovation’ MQDC aims to lead its sector in sustainability. The company supports the Bangkok-based Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC), Asia’s first research base for sustainable building with a focus on well-being.

MQDC is determined to operate with concern for all life on Earth, advancing this agenda through sustainable development for the wider benefit of society.

For more information, visit www.mqdc.com

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