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MQDC joins ASEAN Summit’s ‘Advancing Partnership for Sustainability’ with ‘sustainnovation’ concept

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), one of Thailand’s leading property developers, focused on creating well-being for all living beings and committed to sustainable development, has worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of ‘Advancing Partnership for Sustainability’ at ASEAN Summit 2019 in Thailand.
Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of MQDC, said: “As a part of ‘Advancing Partnership for Sustainability’, MQDC has discussed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is responsible for holding the event sustainably, to prepare for the ASEAN Summit, with various meetings over a year. We have worked to use resources efficiently and reduce environmental impact in many ways by reducing pollution, creating less garbage, using less paper, selecting recycled souvenirs, giving a suitable healthy banquet, and conducting a campaign to make people more aware of using resources well with reduced single-used items.”

“MQDC focuses on research and development under the concept of ‘sustainnovation’ to create sustainable well-being for all living beings. We are therefore proud and grateful to be part of ‘Advancing Partnership for Sustainability’ at ASEAN Summit 2019, letting us concretely contribute to Thailand’s sustainable development, under MQDC’s guiding principle,” Mr. Visit said.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Chief Advisor to RISC, said: “RISC is a sustainability research center of MQDC that has worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to upcycle vinyl advertising banners into bags. In creating value from waste materials we are following the principle of a ‘Circular Economy’ and also achieving sustainability under the MQDC principle ‘For All Well-Being’.”

RISC under MQDC used vinyl advertising banners from the 34th ASEAN Summit and related summits during year to design and create ‘Upcycled Vinyl Bags that represent environmental protection and sustainability’. The 2 types of bag are a notebook bag and a handbag. The upcycled bags will be given as souvenirs to the leaders of national delegations and their partners at the 35th ASEAN Summit and other related summits.

“The ASEAN Summit creates many advertising banners. Even if most billboards have become digital, some locations have to use plastic. The organizers aim for the ASEAN Summit to be an eco-friendly role model, which led to the creation of the Upcycled Bags. RISC applied its design principles to produce a ‘street fashion’ bag that can be used by every generation and is appropriate in function and appearance to carry the ASEAN logo and flag and a member state’s flag. Producing Upcycled Bags meets RISC’s goal of recycling valueless materials to create the most benefit and value, and is a concrete application of sustainability. RISC’s team is proud of this project,” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh.

MQDC is also holding an exhibition on ‘Future Materials for Better Living’ at ASEAN Summit 2019 at the exhibition and convention center at IMPACT Arena Muang Thong Thani. The display features building materials and home decorations for the well-being of residents in every aspect, along with research and development to reduce waste from building, developing, and managing buildings through RISC’s research applied in MQDC projects. The exhibition aims to raise public awareness to create sustainable happiness for all living beings in the world.

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