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MTQUA Names 2019 World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists

Clemenceau Medical Center in Beirut is the world’s top hospital for medical tourists for 2019 according to U.S.-based medical tourism industry leader Medical Travel Quality Alliance MTQUA.

The rankings by the Medical Travel Quality Alliance MTQUA reveal how the medical tourism industry is changing from year to year.

This year, emerging trends in the global medical tourism industry, include the growing number of medical travelers who are heading to hospitals in the Middle East instead of Asia, and who are seeking advanced technology and more complex medical treatments.

Clemenceau, and second-ranked Anadolu Medical Center in suburban Istanbul, continue to increase the types of medical treatments and support they offer to cancer patients.

The support they offer to patients is a full range of interdisciplinary and holistic services during and post recovery.

Both have recently installed state-of-the-art equipment for advanced radiation therapy and offer highly specialized oncology treatments for adults and children.

Clemenceau is opening new hospitals in Dubai and Saudi Arabia this year.

The full list, rankings, and hospital profiles can be found at https://WorldsBestHospitals.net

“Medical tourists are paying more attention to quality and international standards in choosing a country and a hospital, yet affordability continues to be an important factor,” said Julie Munro, president of MTQUA, in making the announcement recently at ITB Berlin, the world’s largest travel trade fair.

The Specialty Hospital (ranked third) in Amman has such top-of-the-line medical equipment as the Sonolith Visio Track lithotripter, two hyperbaric chambers used in a variety of applications, and advanced quality imaging equipment for cardiac and neurology procedures.

Bangkok’s Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital is the highest ranked hospital in Asia, remaining in fifth place. It is about to open a separate wing to handle the demands of the international Japanese community.

The full list and hospital profiles are found at https://WorldsBestHospitals.net

Asklepios Klinik Barmbek (fourth) in Hamburg, Prince Court Medical Center (sixth) in Kuala Lumpur, and Gleneagles Hospital (eighth) in Singapore all feature top surgeons, specialty procedures and multidisciplinary support teams for medical travelers.

The lone North American hospital, ranked seventh, is Shouldice Hospital in suburban Toronto. Recognized as the world’s leading center of excellence in non-mesh hernia repair, its services are of special interest these days due to the thousands of lawsuits filed by patients suffering complications from hernia surgeries using mesh products.

Hospitals ranked first time

Two new hospitals make the World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists™ Top 10 for 2019. In ninth place is Israel’s Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital in suburban Tel Aviv, one of the world’s largest comprehensive rehabilitation centers and home of internationally recognized innovators and world-renowned experts in rehabilitation medicine.

The Proton Therapy Centre in Prague (tenth) is one of the most advanced proton therapy providers in Europe. It presents a top-quality prostate cancer treatment that rivals that of better-known cancer centers such as M.D. Anderson in the U.S.

Hospital profiles of the Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists™ can be found at https://WorldsBestHospitals.net

The hospitals on the World’s Best Hospitals list give medical tourists the best results for the best price and with the best support, services and care management. Once they return home after treatment, they can go about their daily lives without worry that they might have a complication or an infection, discover a breach of confidential medical information, or get an unexpected charge for services on their credit card.

“Growing numbers of medical tourists from African countries are discovering they can get – and afford – much better medical treatment and patient care at top hospitals in countries a few hours flying time from their homes,” says Ms. Munro. She notes that medical tourists come from all countries and travel around the world to get the best medical attention they can afford. Some may choose treatment in a 5-star environment; while others select 5-star treatment and care from 5-star doctors in an environment more suited to their needs and budget.

Because medical tourists are not ordinary patients, MTQUA reviews hospitals in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas for excellence in treating and caring for medical tourists from around the world and selects ten as the World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists™.

See the full list and hospital profiles at https://WorldsBestHospitals.net

How the hospitals are selected

The MTQUA team spends up to three days visiting and interviewing at candidate hospitals. The Selection Panel then ranks hospitals based on the quality of medical treatment and on non-clinical factors that affect outcomes and quality of care, including

1. Integrated care management

2. Clear, private, secure communications

3. Clear, transparent prices and fees, outcomes, operations

4. Fair value

5. Verified agents and network partners

6. Dedicated leadership

7. Marketing and operations consistent with health care ethics and values

8. Patient security and safety

9. Cultural support services

10. Social and religious sensitivity

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