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Nature’s Sensation introduces amazing benefits of Granola

Many studies show that breakfast is the most important meal of each day. Thus, people should get enough nutrients and energy from the first meal of the day. One of the most popular alternatives to food for breakfast among new generations and health lovers is “Granola”. This ready-to-eat snack food is a great choice for people with busy lifestyles because they do not have to spend their time preparing food for breakfast. Also, the Granola itself is highly nutritious, tasty, and takes many forms these days.

There are 2 types of Granola available: original granola and granola bars. Granola is comprised of oats, grains, nuts, dried fruits, honey, and oil. After the dry ingredients were mixed with honey and oil, they undergo the baking process. Granola is rich in fibers, vitamins, minerals, and protein, helps relieve hunger, and boost energy.

 It is believed that Granola is preferable for breakfast, but in fact, Granola can be eaten at any time or as a snack. Granola can also be eaten in combination with other food choices. Today, Nature’s Sensation, a wide variety of fine dried fruits and natural juices brand under Heritage Group, would like to introduce 4 great ideas of menus featuring Granola.

  1. Granola with yogurt helps improve the excretory system due to high fiber in Granola and probiotics and beneficial bacteria in yogurt.
  2. Granola with ice-cream made from vegetables and fruits offers not only a great flavor, but also lots of health benefits.
  3. Granola with milk is an excellent source of such nutrients as calcium, protein, iron, and vitamins. This perfect combination is flavorful and beneficial to people’s health.
  4. Granola with salad offers a rich array of salad flavors and makes your sad desk salad much more fascinating. This dish would be an interesting alternative for health lovers for sure.

These 4 great ideas are suitable for all meals. For those who are finding quality premium Granola, Nature’s Sensation offers a variety of Granola featuring Original Granola, Nutties Granola, Cocoa Granola, and Berry Granola. Nature’s Sensation Granolas are available at leading department stores, supermarket, and online channel at Shopee, Lazada, JD Central, and Line ID: @Heritagethailand. For further information, please contact 02-813-0954-5 or follow activities on www.heritagethailand.com, www.facebook.com/naturessensationofficial, and IG: naturessensation

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