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New Bangkok Art Space Offers a Leading-edge Perspective on Social Issues

The management of Warin Lab Contemporary is pleased to announce the inauguration of their new art space in Bangkok, which will open its doors to the public from January 2021.

Warin Lab Contemporary’s distinctive commitment is to engage the global audience by addressing vital social issues through leading-edge curatorial projects.  The space will work with artists and curators from around the world to create meaningful dialogues through works that provoke thought and stimulate action.

To achieve the goal of engaging the audience at a profound level, the space will devote its focus to only one social issue per year.  In 2021, the theme is “Environment.”  During the year, the art space will house 5 art exhibitions by different artists who will explore environmental issues through their own perspectives and approaches.

The inaugural subject of environment is a fitting one, as Warin Lab Contemporary is housed in the 100 year-old former residence of Dr. Boonsong Lekagul (1907-1992), the legendary Thai wildlife conservationist who singled handedly launched the conservation movement in Thailand.

Apart from the exhibitions themselves, Warin Lab Contemporary will also promote broader understanding and encourage positive changes through its educational programming, including workshops, panel discussions and artist talks.

According to Warin Lab Contemporary founder, Sukontip Prahanpap, “We are living in a vulnerable world.  With powerful technologies that dictate what information we see, human beings are on a dangerous path as we obtain information that is limited like never before.  I hope art can give the audience a wider knowledge about the issue prevailing to humanity and an appreciation of the repercussions of our actions.  I hope the new art space can enrich the audience experience and stimulate social change.”

The first exhibition at Warin Lab Contemporary will open in the middle of January 2021.  The space is located in O.P. Garden, Charoenkrung Road Soi 36, Bangrak, Bangkok

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